Septic System Design and Installation to Fit Your HomeIf you are building a new home that cannot be connected to the municipal water system, you will need to have a septic system installed. Custom Septic, Inc., is qualified to design and install custom systems to meet the needs of your home and the property on which it is built.

Importance of Customized Septic Systems for your Property

It is common for people who have decided to build their own homes to assume that septic systems are one size fits all. In fact, they are not. Most septic systems are made up of the same components, such as the tank, pumps, and the piping that connect the system outside of the house to the plumbing inside the house. However, it is important to understand that no two septic systems are the same. They cannot be, and that is precisely because no two real estate lots are the same. For example, it may be possible to place a septic tank thirty feet from one house, but no closer than sixty feet from the house right next door. The characteristics and contours of the property help us determine the proper placement of the underground portion of your septic system.

Septic System Design and Installation for Minnesota Properties

How those components are then connected to the indoor plumbing of the home requires deep knowledge of septic system design. The crew at Custom Septic, Inc., has that knowledge. Not all other septic system installation companies can make such a claim. Building a home is exciting in part because it is risky. It is an enormous financial commitment.  A system as basic and elemental to the reliable functioning of the home should not be installed by a septic service with a questionable history or a one size fits all mentality. Our name, Custom Septic, indicates how important we believe it is to understand the specific needs of any given property.

A properly designed and installed septic system can be as reliable and problem-free as a plumbing system that is connected to the local water system. But a septic system that is installed improperly will lead to problems, and though not all septic problems are long lasting or even expensive, they almost always smell badly. Those problems can be avoided by choosing a team like Custom Septic, which will lend expertise and care to the design and installation of your septic system. If you want your septic system designed and installed properly, give us a call at (763) 218-4769 with any questions you may have.