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Septic System Definitions N thru Z | Anoka MNContinuing on with more Septic System Terms and Definitions from our last blog post for Anoka MN residents. This article lists many widely used terms in the septic business. As a MPCA Certified Septic Professional, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is passing on this information in order to educate individuals who either own a home with an Onsite Septic System or are interesting in purchasing one. Terms are shown in alphabetical order with letters A through M on the previous posting. Septic System Definitions N to Z are shown below for your reference.


Onsite Septic System Terminology Defined

Notice of Noncompliance: Written document that states that the existing septic system does not pass a septic compliance inspection. It will have further instructions on what needs to be done in order to comply with government regulations.


Pressure Distribution: A network of sewer pipes that are used to distribute effluent using pressure.


Private Septic System: Any type of conventional or nonconventional onsite sewage treatment system that is used to collect, treat and disperse graywater and toilet waste from a property. Homes with a septic system get water from a private well.


Public Sewer System: Municipal sewage receiving and treatment system in which wastewater and human waste materials are transported to a off-site treatment facility operated by a local municipality. Homes connected to a city sewer also get city water.


Sewage Tank: Includes septic tanks, holding tanks, pump tank or aerobic tank. Watertight container used to collect and hold sewage waste so that it can be contained and treated effectively.


Soil Treatment Area: Also known as a Drainfield. An area where sewage effluent is absorbed and filtered through the soil. Naturally occurring bacteria in the soil acts as an organic treatment process to remove contaminants.


Soil Type: Soil texture as classified in particle size and the rate in which it filters or perculates liquids through the dirt.


SSTS: Subsurface sewage treatment system (see ISTS).


Trench: A component of a septic system that is part of the soil treatment area. Size should be three feet wide or less.


Vertical Separation: Refers to the vertical distance of unsaturated sand or soil and and the bedrock or saturated soil level below.


Wastewater: Water that is generated from a home or business. May include toilet waste, graywater, sewage, chemicals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, water from laundry, sinks, showers, etc.


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

As a MPCA Certified Septic Professional, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is providing this information as a reference point for Anoka home and business owners who want to have a better understanding of their Private Sewer System. Contact CSI for Septic System Upgrades and Installations or other services listed below.

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