Septic System Care in the Winter MonthsThe winter months can mean cold weather and snow and ice on the ground for what seems like many months. Have you ever wondered what this extended period of cold weather might mean for your septic system? After all, it needs to be able to function optimally for all twelve months of the year. Now is a great time to think about ways to protect your septic system this winter. Here are things that you can do right now to make sure that your septic system will make it through the winter months.

1. Routine maintenance: Having your septic system cleaned and pumped on a regular basis every few years can help it run better in the winter months. Partnering with a professional septic system repair company will go a long way toward a smooth winter for your septic system and your property. The team at Custom Septic. Inc. can complete an assessment of your system before the winter freeze occurs to ensure that all aspects of your septic system are in good working order going into winter. While the winter months may not be the best time to clean and pump your system, if it needs to be done, our team can complete the task to ensure that your system is at optimal function.
2. Take a look at your system and mark its location: Before the snow begins to fall, make sure that you head outside and inspect your septic system, looking for cracks, leaks or any other signs of a problem. Go ahead and mark the area too so that you can locate it quickly in the event of a problem during the winter. You can use a flag or another landmark. This will prevent accidentally running over it with your car, lawnmower or a sled!
3. Run water and use the septic system: Your septic system works best when it is used as it is intended. So, make sure that you use the toilets, dishwasher and sink as you would normally so that water continues to flow through the pipers, reducing the chance that they will freeze. Snow can actually act as a layer of insulation as well so there is no need to shovel around your septic system. Shoveling and snow removal can actually cause damage to the septic system so it’s wise to leave it alone.

St Cloud Septic System Inspection, Maintenance And Repair

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