Understanding Your Own Backyard Sewer System

Beginner Guide to MN Septic Systems Part 1If you have recently purchased a home in Dayton, MN then you may be a first time Septic System Owner. Many properties in the Dayton, Anoka and Ramsey, MN area have a Backyard Sewer System that they must maintain for optimal sewage treatment performance. In this 3 Part Series, we at Custom Septic, Inc. would like to pass on some tips and information to help you Maintain a Healthy Septic System for many years. Part 1 will be a Beginner’s Guide to Minnesota Septic Systems with a focus on determining if you have Private Septic System or are connected to the City Sanitary Sewer System.


Do You Have a Septic System or City Sewer System?

It may not be obvious to residents if their home has a Private Septic System or is connected to a City Sewer System. The following are things to look at to determine if you have a Septic System or are served by a Public Sewer System.

  1. Do you receive a utility bill with a Sewer Charge listed on your water bill? If the answer is yes, then you should be on the city sewer system.
  2. Look down your street for manhole covers that access a Sanitary Sewer System. A sewer line passes in front of your property then your home is probably connected also.
  3. Ask neighbors if they have a Backyard Septic System or are served by the city sewer service.
  4. Check with the city or local health department for inspection records or a map of an individual septic system.


City Sanitary Sewer System

The City of Dayton, MN has begun converting areas of the community from Private Septic Systems to a City Sanitary Sewer System. Many homeowners will be allowed to keep their own On-Site Septic System as long as it is Properly Maintained and Healthy. An Individual Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS or ISTS) that has failed will have to be Repaired or Replaced if approved by the city. If there is no reasonable option to fix the situation then your household may have to be connected to the Sanitary Sewer System.


Minnesota Septic System Expert

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for your Septic System needs. We are Minnesota Septic System Experts who are certified by the MPCA. Our team is licensed and qualified to do Septic System Compliance Inspections in the Dayton, MN area. We also handle Septic Repairs and Septic System Replacements. See our website for tips on Maintaining a Healthy Septic System. Proper maintenance of a Private Septic System can protect your health, the environment and your investment in your property.

Check back for Part 2 and Part 3 in our Septic System Beginners Series.

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