Conventional Septic System VS Mound System

Sewer System Alternative Sherburne County MNThe types of Sewer System Designs currently being used in Becker MN varies. Many of the in town properties are connected to a municipal sewer line. Several homes in this Sherburne County MN community have their own Private Septic System. There are several different kinds of Sewage Collection and Treatment Options available to Licensed Septic Designers like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. in nearby Big Lake MN. Choosing between a Conventional Septic System or a Septic System Alternative like a Mound System is based on several factors that relate to Health, Safety, Efficiency and Environmental concerns.


Why a Mound Septic System?

There’s a lot riding on whether or not you get the right Private Sewer System Design for your individual home or business. Obtaining a building permit may depend on approval of a Safe and Effective Septic System Design carefully laid out by a Certified Septic Designer. Mound Septic Systems are commonly installed to overcome conditions that make a traditional septic system less desirable.

The 3 Main Reasons Why Mound Septic Systems were developed:

  1. Soil Conditions that are found to be too fast or too slow to absorb and process sewage wastewater
  1. Soil Depth that is determined to be too shallow on top of porous or creviced ground materials below
  1. Water Table is too high for safely treating liquid waste before it is entered back into the ground water


5 Advantages of Mound System Installation

Installing a Mound System has both advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before installation. There are some times that an Above Ground System is pretty much your only alternative. Below is a list of Advantages to Designing & Installing an Above Ground Mound System:

  1. Mound Systems can allow you to use land that otherwise would be unsuitable for an in-ground or at-grade sewage system
  2. Mound Systems do not discharge waste directly into a pit, trench, ditch or body of water
  3. Property damage is often minimized when installing a mound system that requires less excavation
  4. Septic Mounds can be effective in most climates, including Minnesota
  5. Mound Systems use the top layer of soil which is typically the most permeable


5 Disadvantages of Installing Mound Systems

Just as Mound Systems provide good benefits, they also have some down sides. Below is a list of Disadvantages to Above Ground Mound System Designs:

  1. Mound Systems are typically more expensive than a conventional septic system design
  2. Mound Systems require the use of pumps or some type of siphon
  3. Great care must be taken during construction to avoid damaging the topsoil layer
  4. Location of the raised mound can affect use of surrounding land
  5. Raised septic mounds may not be as attractive to some home buyers (landscaping can make a big difference)


Licensed Septic System Designer

(CSI) Custom Septic Inc. is a great choice for both Conventional and Alternative Septic System Design and Installation. We are a highly reputable and Licensed Septic System Designer with more than 20 years of experience in the Sherburne County MN area. Mound Systems can be an excellent choice to be used as your Private Septic System Alternative. Ask us about a consultation on the Safest and Most Efficient sewage treatment process for your individual property.

In Becker, Big Lake & all of Sherburne County MN, Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) at: (763) 218-4769 for Designing Alternative Septic Systems.