Protect Your Family the Natural Way

Septic Safe Cleaning Essential Oils Rockford MNIf the thought of using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals to clean your home makes you uncomfortable then you may want to continue reading this blog post from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Household Cleaners usually come with safety warnings for people. Some products also warn against use on certain surfaces. Have you thought about Maintaining a Healthy Septic System? Cleaning Products that kill mold, mildew, germs and bacteria may also be Killing Beneficial Bacteria in the Septic Tank. Essential Oils including Tea Tree, Wild Orange, Lemon and Pine can be a Safe Alternative for Rockford MN families wanting to Preserve the Earth as well as Protect the Family.


Beneficial Bacteria in Septic Systems

Septic Systems in Minnesota and around the country rely on a Natural Process for breaking down Sewage Waste. Bacteria in feces and in the soil are both needed to organically disinfect human waste before it get recycled back into the ecosystem.

A healthy balance of Beneficial Bacteria keeps the Sewage Treatment moving along at a good pace. A chemically cleaned system may not have enough bacteria to prevent slowdowns that could result in a clogged leach field.


Essential Oils for Household Cleaning

The rise in popularity of Essential Oils can in part to attributed to individuals seeking a more Natural and Safe alternative to harsh chemicals. Numerous companies offer a wide variety of essential oils to be used to improve immune function, relieve stress, manage pain and clean the home.


6 Top Essential Oils for Natural Cleaning & Disinfecting:

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca)
    • Used to kill viruses, germs, mold, mildew, bacteria and pests
  • Lemon Essential Oil
    • Air freshener, antiviral, wood polisher and deodorizer
  • Wild Orange Essential Oil
    • Grease fighter, floor cleaner and energy booster
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    • Kills germs, dust mites and good in laundry
  • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Antibacterial, great for dishes and laundry
  • Pine Essential Oil
    • Kills germs, E.coli, mold, mildew and great for floors


MPCA Certified Septic Professionals

Who knew that Bacteria is so Essential for Sewage Treatment? MPCA Certified Septic Professionals at CSI Custom Septic Inc. understand how the whole system works. We all want to do our part to Protect MN Families and to preserve our wonderful Natural Resources. Over use of harsh chemical cleaners can kill off the Beneficial Bacteria in your sewer system. Essential Oils like Tea Tree, Lavender and Orange are a Safe Alternative for everyday house cleaning and can help to Maintain a Healthy Septic System.

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