Upgrade Septic Tanks and Absorption Field

Septic System Replacement Contractor Clearwater MNA Residential Septic System is an efficient form of sanitary waste treatment process used in numerous communities across the country. With regular maintenance, a Properly Designed Sewer System can last for many years without any major problems. The cost to Install or Upgrade the Septic Tank and Absorption Field can vary greatly depending on where your home is located and the type of soil at the site. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is a Professional Septic System Replacement Contractor that specializes in Clearwater MN and surrounding Minnesota communities.


Aspects of Residential Sewer Systems

The rural Sanitary Waste Treatment Process relies on bacteria and microbes in the soil to naturally break down sewage waste into something safe for the environment. A Licensed Septic Design Contractor can do a site analysis to gain information that will help to design the best type of sewer system for your house. Soil type and size of home are also critical components for a Proper Septic Design.

Though there are several different Septic System Designs, most share some common parts.

  • Septic Tank made of concrete, steel, polyethylene or fiberglass. Size of the tank is determined by the amount of waste water and human waste that is expected to be stored or moved through the underground tank.
  • Manhole Cover and Septic Tank Risers allow above ground access to the below ground tank. This access is used to inspect or clean the tank.
  • PVC Sewer Pipes are used to carry wastewater from your home to the sewage tank. They are also used to carry liquid waste to the drain field. You will probably also notice a vertical, 4” inspection pipe that sticks up above ground.
  • Soil Absorption Field often uses a gravel trench system to distribute liquid waste through perforated pipes, rocks, gravel and soil. Biodegradable waste naturally breaks down with the help of microbes and bacteria in the dirt. Other names include leach field and drainfield.
  • Permits and Inspections are needed to make sure that the septic system is compliant with all state and local regulations in the Clearwater or Clear Lake MN city limits.


Professional Design and Installation

An error made during either the Septic System Design or Installation process can lead to a big, costly mistake. Cleaning up the mess made by a failed sewer system can be very expensive and messy. An Experienced Septic Contractor is needed to ensure that your new sanitary waste system can work efficiently for a very long time.


Licensed MN Septic System Contractor

Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can assist with the entire Sewer System Design, Replacement or Installation process. We understand how all of the critical aspects of sanitary waste treatment work together effectively. Visit our website for more information on Septic System Designs and Installation. Check out the section on Low Interest Financing options that may be available.

In the Clear Water / Clear Lake MN area, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Free Estimate at 763-218-4769