Avoid a Septic System Malfunction

Monticello MN Septic Repair ContractorIf you are a Monticello, Minnesota property owner with your own Septic System it is important to have a basic understanding of how it works. Having your Sewage Treatment System designed and installed by a Licensed Septic Professional is the first step in Preventing Costly Septic Repairs or Replacement. Proper Maintenance is crucial to keeping the system healthy. Finally, knowing what to look for to spot a Septic System Malfunction will help you to find the problem early so that you can contact a Licensed Septic Repair Contractor like Custom Septic, Inc.


Maintain Your Septic Tank and Drain Field

Individual Sewage Treatment Systems are very common in Minnesota and around the country. It is estimated that 1 in 4 households rely on some sort of private sewer system for effective wastewater treatment. Septic Systems have evolved over the years with technological advancements that make them better for the environment as safer for your family. If you Maintain Your Septic Tank and Drainfield they should remain healthy for many years.


Regular Septic System Maintenance

As the owner of a Monticello, MN Septic System there are things that you should be doing as Regular Septic System Maintenance. There are also several things that you should avoid doing that may interfere with the septic system’s normal operation.

  • Have Septic Tank Pumped out at least every 3 years
  • Have the Septic Tank, Baffles and Drainfield inspected regularly
  • Repair any damaged areas and fix all leaky fixtures
  • Conserve water by installing low-flow fixtures can keep the system from becoming overwhelmed
  • Spread out loads of laundry and dishes throughout the week
  • Plant low maintenance grass or native flowers over the tank and drainfield
  • Install a screen on the outlet hose for washing machine
  • Minimize use of garbage disposal
  • Minimize the usage of antibacterial soaps, bleach and harsh chemicals
  • DO NOT put food, coffee grounds, grease or paint down the drain
  • DO NOT flush tampons, baby wipes, Kleenex, dental floss or paper towels
  • DO NOT drive or park vehicles on soil treatment area
  • DO NOT use septic tank additives
  • DO NOT plant trees, shrubs or invasive plants near the treatment area
  • DO NOT plant vegetables, herbs or any edible plants on mound system
  • DO NOT direct gutter downspouts or sump pump hose into area


Septic System Failure Signs

If you notice any of the following Signs of a Septic System Malfunction, call Custom Septic, Inc. as soon as possible.

  • Sewage backing up into your home
  • Sewage odors
  • Sewage surfacing in the yard
  • Slow gurgling drains
  • Septic tank alarm sounding
  • Intestinal illness in your household or a failed water quality test


Minnesota Licensed Septic System Contractor

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a Licensed Septic System Contractor that provides services in the Monticello, MN and Big Lake, MN area. Our knowledge of Individual Sewage Treatment Systems is outstanding. Services include Septic Inspections, Septic Repairs and Replacement of sewer systems. Ask us about ways to Prevent Costly Septic Repairs or Premature Replacement. Our website has more information on regular septic system maintenance.

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