Proper Septic System Installation Saves You Money

Septic System Installation Corcoran MNA Sewage Treatment System is a vital part of any rural property. If your Corcoran, MN property is not connected to a city sewer system, then you will need to have a septic system for your home. Septic Designs, Installations and Repairs can only be handled by a Licensed Septic Professional who has been Certified by the State of Minnesota.You will want to choose a septic contractor that is not only licensed, but is very experienced also. Proper installation makes a big difference when it comes to the longterm health of your system. This will save you lots of money in septic repairs or replacement. At Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) we have 18 years of experience in almost all aspects of professional septic services.


Protect Your Investment

Choosing a Septic System Contractor with a strong reputation and many years of experience will protect your investment. A properly working sewage treatment sysem increases your property value and protects your family and the environment. An experienced professional can analyze your property and soil to determine which type of septic system will be best suited for your home.


Conventional Septic System Designs

Each of these Septic Designs rely on bacteria to organically treat the wastewater after it leaves the septic tank. Sewage must be properly treated to protect human health and the health of the environment. Failing to treat human waste can result in contaminated drinking water and damage to our lakes and rivers.

  • Gravity Distribution Systems are the most common Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS) installed in Minnesota. This type of system takes advantage of the natural slope of a property. The effluent (liquid wastewater) flows down to a Septic Tank. It is then sent through a trench or seepage bed, soil treatment system.
  • Pressure Distribution is installed when the soil is a coarse sand, gravel or very shallow. A septic installer can use either drain rock or black PVC vaults to carry effluent through the soil. A pump placed between the septic tank and vault, pumps the liquid into the system.
  • Sand Filter System produces higher quality effluent (liquid waste) that is easier to biochemically treat within the drainfield. Wastewater leaves the home and enters the Septic Tank. A pump forces the liquid effluent into the sand filter system where it is distributed evenly through the sand.
  • Mound Septic System can be seen with the drainfield raised above ground level. This type of system is necessary when soil conditions or proximity to the water table does not allow a subsurface design. This type of septic system is quite common in many Minnesota communities. It is generally more expensive than other treatment systems.


Septic System Designs And Installations

Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for more information on Septic System Designs and Installation. We are Licensed by the MPCA to do soil testing to determine which type of septic design is best suited for your property. We are Certified to perform complete Septic System Installations, Upgrades and Repairs in the Corcoran, MN area. The owner, Brad has approximately 18 years of experience in the sewage treatment industry.

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Serving the Twin Cities Metro area and Northern Minnesota.

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Free Estimate at 763-218-4769 to avoid any septic system malfunctions. 

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