Property Transfer Inspections

Property Transfer Septic Inspection MNPurchasing a new home can be one of the biggest investments that you make. If the home that you are considering has an Existing Septic Tank System then you should seriously consider a Property Transfer Inspection as conducted by a State Licensed Septic Inspector like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. In many communities including Sherburne County MN, a Septic Compliance Inspection is usually expected before completion of a real estate transaction. A Septic System Disclosure Form should be attached to the disclosure statement.


Septic System Compliance Inspection

A Septic Compliance Inspection can be conducted by a State Licensed Septic Inspector. The inspection is used to determine whether the existing sewage disposal system meets Minnesota’s state requirements as well as regulations for your local government.

Your inspector should check to make sure that the Septic Tank is watertight. He or she will then evaluate the Drainfield to see if it complies with the minimum requirements for vertical separation between the drainage field and the bedrock below. Finally, the state licensed inspector may do a Waste Flow Evaluation to analyze the overall workings of the Septic System to see if it is currently functioning up to code. If all goes well, your home’s septic system should get a Certificate of Compliance that is valid for 3 years from the date of inspection.


Real Estate Point of Sale Inspections

Most Real Estate Property Transfers in Sherburne County MN will require a Septic Compliance Inspection. The inspection may not be needed if the existing septic system is newer than 5 years old or has a valid Certificate of Compliance in the last 3 years. It is important to note that passing a compliance inspection is only an indication of the current condition of a septic system, it does not guarantee that the system will function properly in the future.


Septic System Disclosure Statement

In Minnesota, the property seller must disclose knowledge of any Abandoned Septic Systems on the property. This should include copies of past Septic Inspections if it is available. The seller must also disclose whether or not there is an Existing Septic System on the premises as well as the compliance status of the sewer system. Failure to do this may result in liability for lawyers and repairs needed to bring the septic system into code compliance.


MN State Licensed Septic Inspector

Do yourself a favor and schedule a Septic Compliance Inspection if you are planning to buy or sell a home in Sherburne County MN. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is currently scheduling appointments for Real Estate Point of Sale Septic Inspections in your area.

Contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a Septic Compliance Inspection prior signing the mortgage papers. Call: 763-218-4769 to speak to a MN State Licensed Septic Inspector.