Septic Design Contractor Wright County MNYou may not have ever given much thought to septic system design. Maybe your previous home did not need a septic system, or maybe your home has one, but it was already in place when you moved in. Custom Septic Inc. specializes in septic system design and installation for properties Wright County Minnesota. We focus on these details related to a septic system so that you do not have to. We are a family-owned septic system business that has extensive training and experience with septic system design in Minnesota.

Septic System Design Options Wright County Minnesota

Our staff can help you determine the best design, placement and location for your entire septic system so that you have less problems down the road. Our septic system designs will be optimal for your property, be Wright County compliant, and will work well for many years to come with as little maintenance needs as possible. All septic systems perform a similar function – to receive wastewater from your home, separate the solids from the liquids, and dispose of those liquids. Custom Septic Inc. can install a wide variety of septic system designs including:

● Gravity Septic Systems:
● Pressure Distribution Septic System
● Sand Filter Septic System
● Mound Septic System
● Aerobic Treatment System

Our staff can talk to you about the pros and cons of each type as well as the pricing, maintenance needs, and the timeline for design and installation. We will help guide you to make an informed decision that will be best for your property. One of the main considerations about which design is best for you will be the type of soil you have.

Professional Septic System Design In Wright County MN

Septic system design and installation should really be handled by professionals with extensive experience, the right tools and the knowledge of the specific area in Wright County MN you are installing a septic system in. Partnering with Custom Septic Inc. means that you can be confident in the choice you make, and you will always have a resource for any questions or concerns that come up, even many years later. We have been in business for more than twenty-five years and have built a reputation on providing the best possible customer service to our clients, reliable, prompt and professional service and some of the best prices in the area. You can trust us with your septic system design and rest easy knowing that you will not have a problem on your hands.

For more information about our septic system design options, call Custom Septic Inc. at 763-218-4769.