Improve MN Health and Safety Hazards

Rural Sewer System Loans and Grants Cambridge MNEver heard of the Section 504 Home Repair Program? How about the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program? They may provide you with significant funds for Septic System Improvements. This program is run through the USDA with the objective of helping elderly and low income residents to fix conditions that are a threat to Health and Safety. We have information and links to possible Low Interest Loans and Grant Programs on the Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) website. Cambridge MN and surrounding Isanti County residents who do more research on the subject may find that they are eligible for assistance totalling up to $27,500.


MN Septic Compliance Inspections

A Septic Compliance Inspection may be required in order to gauge the current status of your sewer system. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Licensed MN Septic Contractor with decades of experience with this type of detailed septic system functionality and safety evaluation.


Non Compliant Rural Sewer Systems

Minnesota Septic Systems that are found to be Non-Compliant with current health and safety standards need to be brought up to code compliance. For many lower income, rural home owners, the costs can be difficult to offset. This is where Affordable Financing Options can be essential.


USDA Low Interest Loans & Grants

Income eligible Rural MN Residents can apply for different USDA Loans & Grants if they fit the guidelines for individual financial assistance programs. Funds for Low Interest Loans & Grants will become available periodically for those property owners who qualify for the program’s specifications.


Rural Minnesota Housing Loans

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. did a little digging to find a couple programs that are currently open to Rural Minnesota Residents. Funds and individual low or no interest programs are changing all of the time. There is no guarantee that they will still be available tomorrow, next week or next month. But, it doesn’t hurt to try if you are facing a large Septic System Repair bill. Take a closer look at the following programs to see if you qualify:

  • Minnesota Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants through the United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)
  • USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program for Rural Minnesota Residents


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

As a Licensed MN Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is more than qualified to do Septic Compliance Inspections and Septic System Improvements. We provide Professional Septic Services in Isanti County and several other Minnesota counties. We understand that the costs of Upgrading Individual Sewer Systems can be difficult for some MN residents and have researched ways to assist our customers to find funding through Low Interest Loans and Grants.

In the Cambridge MN area, reach Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) at 763-218-4769 to schedule a Septic Compliance Inspection or Septic System Improvement.