Routine Septic System MaintenanceA well maintained septic system can go for years, perhaps even decades, without giving you a worry. However, a septic system that is neglected, taken for granted, or improperly maintained could result in quite a mess inside or outside your home. Custom Septic, Inc., can help you keep the stink where it belongs by providing you with expert routine septic system maintenance.

We recommend the following as routine maintenance for your home’s septic system:

Have your septic system inspected regularly. Our inspection process will not only help to identify potential issues, it will help keep your septic system in good standing with Minnesota Septic Compliance rules and guidelines.
Have your septic tank pumped as needed. Not pumping a septic tank frequently enough will result in solid waste deposits forming in your tank. The presence of solid waste deposits places stress on your septic tank that can lead to its failure.
Keep your septic tank covers closed securely. Taking this important step will prevent unwanted and debris from getting into the tank and causing problems.
Make sure that your septic tank lids are accessible. Some homeowners try to hide or disguise their septic lids with decoration, but that strategy can come at a cost. If a problem develops with your septic system and the technicians who are attempting to fix the problem cannot access it because of decorative construction, the problem could worsen.
Ensure that water that drains away from your drain field. The drainage on your property, both from your gutter system and from the contours of your property, must not impact your drainfield. Most homeowners do not have the capacity to fix these problems, but our team can, either by providing direct service or recommendations about how to correct drainage flow issues.
Use water wisely. We all should be more conscious of how much water our households use. If your property has a septic system, being more water-conscious could have a positive impact on the long-term health of your septic system.

Septic System Maintenance and Repair in MN

A septic system that lasts for the long term with minimal problems is a septic system that has been properly maintained. We specialize in the installation and routine maintenance of septic systems, and we have the experience and knowledge to give you peace of mind related to your septic system. Call us at (763) 218-4769 to schedule an appointment.