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Mound System Designer Dayton MNResidential properties are often fitted with a Mound System as a way to collect, sanitize and disperse decontaminated water and sewage from the home. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) provides Mound System Design, Installation and Update Services in the area. The way that we or any other Professional Septic System Designer determines which type of sewer system is right for each individual property is by doing a comprehensive Site Assessment that takes into account factors such as the type of soil, designated setbacks, location of trees and distance to water table. Our goal is to provide Dayton MN property owners with the Lowest Cost Septic System that provides the Best Performance.


Conventional Gravity Septic System

The most commonly used Residential Septic Systems fall into the category of Standard Septic Systems. This type of on-site sewage treatment systems are often listed as a Conventional Gravity Septic System in which gravity pulls the wastewater through a sewer pipe, into a septic tank or tanks, out to a gravel filled trench that is covered in soil and grass.

The home site needs to be large enough accommodate the drainfield and flat enough to allow for gravity flow and deep enough separation from underground water tables. If all of these boxes are checked, a standard Gravity Flow Septic System can be the least expensive option for homes in the Dayton, MN area as long as the soil conditions allow for proper sewage treatment.


Sand Mound an Alternative Septic System Design

A professional site assessment will sometimes determine that a standard gravity type septic system will not work for an individual property. All Residential and Commercial Septic Systems must meet minimum requirements set by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). A Septic Compliance Inspection is used to determine whether or not a septic system is operating up to code standards.

A Mound System is a great Alternative Septic System for homes that are located on sites that cannot use a more conventional sewage treatment option. The above diagram shows how a typical mound system is designed. A Raised Sand Mound is built to provide adequate treatment of the contaminated water that comes from the homes bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. Conditions in which an Elevated Sand Mound System provide the best treatment option include sites that have:

  • Shallow Soil
  • Porous Rocks beneath the topsoil
  • High Water Table
  • Very Sandy or Clay Soil Conditions that fail a required perc test (used to check the rate that water seeps through the soil)


Professional Mound System Designer

CSI Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) provides numerous septic services that are designed to save residents from unwanted costs, system malfunctions or code violations. CSI is trusted, Professional Mound System Designer with more than 22 years in the sewer business. Whether your home needs a New Mound System Installed, Replacement of a noncompliant system or Cost Effective Updates to an existing mound system design, Custom Septic, Inc. always wants to provide you with the Best Septic System Performance at the Lowest Cost to You!

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