Cost Effective Lint Filters Help Protect Septic Systems

Lint Trap Filters Protect Septic Systems Rogers MNSeptic Systems provide Rogers, MN homeowners with an Effective Wastewater Treatment process. Keeping your Septic Tank, Drainfield and other septic system components healthy is good investment in your property. A clogged septic tank or drainfield can be expensive to repair or replace. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) recommends installing a Lint Filter to help protect a septic system from clogging or failing. A Washing Machine Lint Filter is rather inexpensive and easy to install. It makes for a Very Cost Effective protective measure to Extend the Lifetime of your septic system. This simple Septic Maintenance step may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on Septic Repairs or Replacement.


Drain Basket Style Washing Machine Lint Traps

A very affordable type of disposable Washing Machine Lint Filter can easily be installed by a homeowner. The Sock Type Lint Trap, otherwise known as a Drain Basket Style Lint Filter attaches to the discharge hose from a washing machine. It catches lint and clothing fibers and keeps them from flowing into the septic tank where they collect and build up. You should plan on replacing the Lint Trap Filter approximately every 3 months.


Wall Mounted Washing Machine Lint Filters

Another type of lint trap utilizes a Reusable Filter Bag. This style is purchased at a higher cost but it is also a Higher Quality Lint Filter. It has a filtering system that can be mounted to a wall and used without a laundry tub. The fine mesh filters catch the smallest fibers before they move through to the septic tank. Filter bags should be emptied out every 8 to 15 laundry loads.


Washing Machine Discharge Filters

There are numerous other Washing Machine Discharge Filters on the market. Some filter system versions are made of stainless steel and others are plastic. Some homeowners have taken to creating their own DIY version using nylon stockings and clamps. The point is to use something that traps lint and fibers before your Sewage Pipes, Septic Tank, Sewage Pumps or Drainfield become clogged and Costly to Repair or Replace.


Keeping Septic Systems Healthy

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