Don’t Pay For Unnecessary Expensive Septic Repairs

Prevent Septic Tank Problems Elk River MNThe best way to Prevent Costly Septic System Issues is to begin with a Proper Design and Installation. Similar to building a house, you want to begin with a good foundation. Once you have an existing septic tank, drain field and other septic components properly installed properly, there is still a lot that you can do to with Preventive Maintenance to avoid paying for an unnecessary and expensive repair bill. Listen to the MN Septic System Experts at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for ways to Avoid Septic System Problems and Save Money! The cost to maintain a healthy septic system is usually much lower than the cost to replace a neglected system.


Responsible Septic System Ownership

No home comes with an owner’s manual that covers every aspect of keeping the home working properly. When you buy a home with an Individual Septic System you are responsible for making sure that it works properly without contaminating local dwellings, waterways and properties. Luckily, there are Licensed Septic Professionals like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. who can take care of things like Septic Inspections and Repairs. The property owner can handle most ongoing maintenance procedures by themselves once they know what to do and what not to do in order to keep it functioning effectively for decades.


Septic System Preventive Maintenance Record

Keeping up with ongoing Preventive Maintenance can go a long way in ensuring a longer lifespan of an onsite septic system. Making sure that you get regular Septic Inspections should be high on your list of septic system to do’s. Keep a record of everything that is done to keep your system operating at optimal efficiency. A Septic System Care & Maintenance Written Record Book may contain the following items:

  • Septic Inspections
  • Septic System Permits
  • Private Well Water Quality Tests
  • Septic Tank Pump Outs
  • Cleaning Septic Filters
  • Septic System Repairs
  • Septic Tank or Tanks Size
  • Septic System Installation Date
  • Septic System Maintenance
  • Contact Info for Licensed Septic System Experts
  • Map Showing Location of Septic Tanks, Drainfield, Sewer Line and Private Wells on the property


MN Septic System Experts

For more helpful information on ways to avoid expensive septic system repairs or replacement, you will want to check back on the Our Blogs section on the CSI website. Our next blog post provides Septic System Preventive Maintenance Tips from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Until then, save money by having your Septic System Care & Maintenance Records kept up to date. Call us for your next Septic Compliance Inspection. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. would love to be your trusted MN Septic System Experts.

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