Avoid Frozen Septic System Nightmare

Frozen Septic System Buffalo MNA Frozen Septic System can be a real nightmare. It is not something that most people think about until its too late and sewage has backed up into the house or cabin. Fixing such a problem is messy and can be Very Expensive. A septic system that is equipped with a pump will have a septic tank alarm. This alarm should sound or flash to alert you when the levels inside of the tank are too high. If you suspect a freezing problem in your septic system, Call A Septic Professional for help. There are things that Buffalo, MN homeowners can do to prevent septic system freeze-ups while home or away on vacation.


Poorly Installed Septic Systems At Risk

Septic System Freeze-Ups Are Rare for onsite sewage treatment systems that are properly installed and maintained. However, a septic system that was installed many years ago may not be prepared for another polar vortex winter like we had last year in Minnesota. A Poorly Installed Septic System with pipes that aren’t secured properly, can have the septic pipes become bowed. If this happens liquids do not flow through correctly and ice can build up.


Prevent Sewer Freeze-Ups While On Vacation

The problem becomes especially aparent when cold weather sets in while you are away on vacation escaping the bitter cold temperatures yourself. Its bad enough when the pilot announces the frigid weather conditions as you are about to land at the airport. Nobody wants to come home to a sewage back-up.

Here are some Tips to Avoid a Sewage Freeze-Up while you are away:

  • Have somebody run warm water through your drains every 2-3 days. This can include taking a hot shower, run the dishwasher, do warm load of laundry, even flushing the toilets helps.
  • Have the septic tank inspected and pumped out if necessary, before you leave for an extended time.
  • Fix leaky faucets, plumbing fixtures and appliances so they will not drip down the drain and allow ice to build up.
  • Cover the septic system pipes, tank and leach field with an added layer of mulch, straw or leaves (8” – 12” deep).
  • Contact a Septic Professional to add insulation over your septic tanks or install insulated septic pipes.
  • Stay off of the septic system area to avoid compacting soil or snow.
  • Allow snow to remain over top of the septic pipes, septic tank and drainfield as insulation.


Never Try To Thaw A Frozen Septic System This Way

  • Do Not attempt to pump out sewage onto the ground
  • Do Not attempt to thaw out the septic system by starting a fire above
  • Do Not poor salt, antifreeze or other additives down the system
  • Do Not continuously run water down the drain to thaw out a frozen system


Licensed Septic System Inspections

Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Septic System Inspections at any time throughout the year. Winter is a great time to get away from the cold Buffalo, MN winter. Just be sure that you are prepared before going on vacation to avoid a Frozen Septic System and Sewage Back-up. Do all of your septic system maintenance and have a plan in place so there will be no expensive surprises when you come home.

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