Understanding Minnesota Septic Systems

How to Prevent Septic Failure Otsego MNIf you currently own a Septic System or are considering moving into a Otsego, MN home with an Individual Sewage System, you could benefit from knowledge on the subject. It is best to know the location of the Septic Tank and Drain Field, have a record of the last Septic Inspection and when the tank was last pumped. Once you know the basics its good to understand the Top Reasons Why Septic Systems Fail and How to Prevent Septic System Damage or Failure. Beyond that, you will want the name and number of a great Certified Septic Professional like CSI Custom Septic, Inc.


Top 10 Reasons That Septic Systems Fail

  1. Tree Roots Intrusion
  2. Poor Maintenance
  3. Insufficient Septic Design
  4. Improper Installation of Septic Equipment
  5. Non-Organic Materials Flushed Down Toilet
  6. Chemicals Down the Drain
  7. Parking, Driving or Building on Septic System
  8. Overloading Septic Tank
  9. Poor Drainage or Soil Conditions
  10. Garbage Disposals


How to Prevent Septic System Failure

Fortunately, operating and maintaining a Healthy Septic System is not very time consuming, difficult or costly. Following simple rules can help to Prevent Septic System Failure.


  1. Keep tree roots from clogging sewer lines by planting trees and shrubs a safe distance away from septic tanks and drainfield.


  1. Regular maintenance should include having the septic tank pumped about and inspecting the system about every 3 years. Clean screens and filters as indicated.


  1. Hire a licensed septic designer to design the correct type and size of septic system for your property. Make sure that they get all necessary permits according to local ordinances.


  1. Have the entire septic system installed by a licensed septic installer with experience with soil conditions and laws in your area.


  1. Only flush organic human waste materials, water and toilet paper down the toilet. Anything that does not break down easily inside of the septic tank can cause a disruption to the biological treatment process and result in more frequent pumping or a clogged system.


  1. A soil based septic system relies on naturally occurring bacteria to breakdown and decontaminate sewage waste. Chemicals can kill off the needed bacteria. Use only the recommended amount of laundry and cleaning products and avoid antibacterial soaps.


  1. Keep traffic, children and pets off of the ground covering septic components.


  1. Too much wastewater can overwhelm the septic tank process. Space out loads of laundry during the week and take at least a 15 minute break between showers especially during heavy rain, snowmelt or when guests are staying over.


  1. A certified septic professional can test the soil to adequate permeability. A septic compliance inspection can determine if your system has enough separation for proper drainage.
  2. Limit the use of garbage disposals or you may have to call the pumping technician twice as often as otherwise necessary. A lint filter on the laundry tub can also help to cut down on inorganic materials inside of the septic tank.


Certified Septic Professional Business

As a highly experienced and Certified Septic Professional Business, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides money saving services for Otsego area septic owners. We provide the highest quality septic services at a very fair price. A small investment in regular Septic Inspections and Maintenance can Prevent Septic System Damages that could result in a failed system and premature replacement.

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