Avoid Frozen Minnesota Septic Systems

Prevent Frozen Sewer System Brainerd MNFinding out that Your Septic System Has Frozen Up is a rude awakening especially if you are expecting holiday guests. As the weather has turned much colder over the last several days it is a good time to think about Ways to Prevent Sewer System Freeze-Ups. A typical Minnesota Winter can cause Frozen Pipes and the occasional Frozen Septic Tank or Iced Up Drainfield. Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is providing tips on how Brainerd MN area property owners can Avoid Frozen Septic Systems. First we would like to help you understand Common Causes of Septic System Freezing.


Proper Septic Design | Installation | Maintenance

The Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota has some of the most pictureque landscapes in the state. Numerous cabins and homes are built to withstand harsh weather conditions including bitter cold winter temps. A Properly Designed, Installed and Maintained Septic System should be able to perform well all year as long as they are protected from the freezing cold temperatures.


10 Reasons Why MN Septic Systems Freeze

Sewer Pipes, Septic Tanks, Septic Mounds and Drainfields can freeze and create an expensive problem to fix. It is much better to identify and remedy a potential freezing problem than to be left dealing with a Frozen Sewer System. An unusually Cold Minnesota Winter with lower snow amounts could spell trouble for Onsite Septic Systems. Here are Ten Reasons Why Septic Systems Freeze:

  1. Frigid Temperatures that last for several days.
  1. Not Enough Snow Cover to provide adequate insulation.
  1. Compacted Snow caused by traffic from vehicles, people, animals, etc.
  1. Overly Compacted Soil that freezes deeper than other areas.
  1. Inadequate Vegetation growing over the septic system components.
  1. Sewer Pipes Draining Poorly from bad installation, damage or settling.
  1. Leaky Plumbing or drips from a high efficiency furnace or humidifier.
  1. Water Overloaded System that allows fluids to surface in the yard.
  1. Lack of Use at a seasonal cabin or during a vacation.
  1. Infiltration of Cold Air through manhole cover or inspection pipe.


Annual Septic System Checkups

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) provides honest answers to Onsite Septic System Problems. We are happy to help out with an Annual Septic System Checkup to evaluate your system for potential Freezing Problems. Our team is well qualified to tackle all types of Septic System Installations and Septic Repairs so that with proper care and maintenance you can Prevent Sewer System Freeze-Ups.

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