Preparing Your Septic System For The Winter In MinnesotaSeptic systems are not unlike standard plumbing systems and are therefore prone to freezing during the winter months. The design of septic systems means that the wastewater stays on the property and as such, you don’t only have to worry about supply lines freezing, but the drain lines freezing. Because digging underground during the frozen weather is more labor intensive, the septic professionals at Custom Septic offer some advice for being proactive this season.

Drain field protection: Your drain field is located out in your yard, and to prevent it from freezing, keep the grass long on top of your septic system and drain field. It’s wisest to cease mowing in this area in mid- to late-October. Longer grass will help retain winter snow, providing an insulated layer above your septic system. You can also spread an insulating layer of leaves or straw above the area to help it retain heat and prevent freezing.

Pipe insulation: If you’re installing a new system, install insulated sewage piping that comes wrapped in urethane foam between a polyethene outer casing. Installation is simple and long lasting. There are other affordable options, and these need to be installed from the start, as most of the pipes are located underground. Pipes above ground can be wrapped to insulate supply lines located on the exterior of your home or business.

Shutting off supply lines: If you plan to go with the birds and fly south for the winter (closing up the house over the winter months), be sure to shut off the water supply to the house and drain the water line completely. Open all the taps and leave them open and drain the septic system’s pressure tank completely. It is also recommended that the septic tank be pumped out beforehand.

Keeping your pipes from freezing from the inside: If you live in the home full time, regular household use, frequent warm water use, soaps and detergents can raise the level of the wastewater’s freezing point and help maintain biological activity in your septic tank to prevent freezing.

At Custom Septic, we are here to help you should your septic system ever freeze. We encourage you to take the steps necessary to ensure that your system doesn’t freeze when the tough Minnesota cold temperatures hit the region. To learn more about how to prevent freezing, give our septic system professionals a call today at (763) 218-4769 or email