Preparing For A Septic System InstallationAs a homeowner or business building owner without sewer access, you’re responsible for having and maintaining a septic tank and drainfield that treats wastewater of your home. Investing in a septic tank protects your home and therefore is essential. Septic tank installation is a complex process, however, that is best left to the professionals such as Custom Septic in Minnesota. To ensure the job goes smoothly, below I have listed a few steps you can take to prepare your home or business building for a septic tank installation.

Hire An Expert Installation Company

Finding an experienced septic expert is crucial for your septic system installation! Without proper installation, you could be dealing with issues for years down the road, so go with the best you can find.

Ensure Legal Steps Are Taken

Septic system installation blueprints must be filed with the local health department and the county records office. Additionally, there are many state and local permits that you will need to complete and file before you get the go-ahead to do any digging. Ensure all local legalities are followed before any work begins.

Prepare Neighbors

A septic system installation can go relatively quickly with an efficient crew and the right machinery. However, the necessary vehicles and equipment can hinder traffic patterns and be quite noisy! As a courtesy, you should prepare any neighbors of the dates of the work.

Have The Soil Tested

Testing your soil will determine where and if your soil can percolate wastewater back into the groundwater. This test will save you some time come installation day. There are over-the-counter tests available at most home improvement stores, but many counties allow for one professional test to be completed annually (covered by property taxes).

Clear The Installation Areas

Before the technicians arrive at your home, make sure the area they will be working in is prepared. Clear out everything (furniture, debris, and belongings) that is in the way of the technicians. Doing so will give them easy and quick access to the installation area and dig site.

Alternate Water Source On Installation Day

Septic system installation requires that water to your home be turned off for at least one day. You will also have to avoid flushing any toilets (wastewater will have nowhere to go). Plan ahead and ensure you have access to enough water on hand to drink, cook, feed any animals/pets, and properly clean/bathe.

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