Tree Roots Thrive on Nutrient Rich Soil Near Sewers

Trees Planted Too Close to Septic Drainfield Wadena MNBig, beautiful, mature trees are assets to have on your property. Planting them too close to a Septic Drain Field can be a very expensive mistake. Wadena, MN homeowners should pay close attention to the type of trees or shrubs to be planted if they use a Private Sewer System for Waste Water Treatment. The root system from a large tree can reach as far as 100 feet outward from the trunk. Tree Roots thrive on the nutrient rich soil that can be found around a septic drainfield. As the tree grows, roots may interfere with the function of the Underground Sewage Treatment Process. Experts like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can fix the damage but it may cost you thousands of dollars.


Placement of Septic Tank and Drain Field

Minnesota Septic Contractors like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) carefully analyze several different factors when figuring out the best place to install a new Underground Sewage Treatment System. Some trees may have to be removed during the process. They consider things such as the type of soil, location of the underground water source and size of Septic Tank and Drainfield needed for adequate sewer treatment.


Risks of Trees Too Close to Private Sewer System

  • Cracked Sewer Pipes from intrusive tree roots
  • Broken Pipes from trees upended in a storm
  • Clogged Septic Pipes due to tree root invasion
  • Interference with Proper Function of the drain field
  • Contamination of Fruit from a root system that burrows into sewer


Worst Trees to Have Near Drain Field

Some of the Worst Trees to have near a Septic Drain Field include varieties such as Maples, Weeping Willows and Poplars. They are known to cause sewer system damage if planted less than 100 feet away from all septic system parts. Most types of trees should be about 30 feet from the drain field.

You can estimate the root structure of a mature tree by looking at the expected height once it is full grown. Tree roots usually extend out in any given direction about the same distance as the tree is tall. This is just a simple rule of thumb for many different species of trees. Some root systems are much larger than others.


Trees to Avoid Planting Close to Private Sewer System

  • Weeping Willows
  • Silver Maple Trees
  • Red Maple Trees
  • Ash Trees
  • Birch Trees
  • Walnut Trees
  • Cypress Trees
  • Elm Trees
  • Cottonwood Trees
  • Poplar Trees


Minnesota Septic Contractors

Call Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) when you need help with a Private Sewer System. As a Minnesota Septic Contractor, CSI provides professional services in Wadena, MN and the surrounding MN communities. Waste Water Treatment is an important part of being a property owner. We are trusted experts in Septic Design, Septic Installation and Septic Repair. Let us help you to Avoid Expensive Tree Root Problems at your home.

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