MN Licensed Septic System Contractor

Sewage Treatment Design Company Perham MNSeptic Systems are very common in rural communities including Perham MN. If your home or vacation property isn’t connected to a Municipal Sewer System then you too will use an Onsite Sewage Treatment System to collect, decontaminate and recycle water and sewer from your home. Each residential septic system is customized to fit the individual structure, such as a house or cabin. As a MN Licensed Septic System Design Contractor, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is specially trained to Design and Install several different types of home-based sewer plants that can work great for decades.


Designing Residential On-Site Sewage Systems

Professional Septic System Designers study the way that sewage will impact numerous factors found in Minnesota land. The Sewage System Design must take into account many different elements including:

  • Location of each property
  • Location of home on the property
  • Locations of other nearby structures
  • Closeness to trees
  • Proximity to fresh water wells
  • Proximity to other water sources
  • Soil conditions
  • Local ordinances and permit specifications
  • Federal and state regulations
  • Size of home, most notably the number of bedrooms
  • Underground issues such as granite, shale, natural springs, root systems, water table, existing pipes, cables and lines, etc.


Main Sewer System Components

Although many different kinds of sewer systems can be used successfully in Minnesota, they tend to share some of the same common elements. As an Experienced MN Septic System Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can provide you with an expert analysis of which system is best suited for your individual property. Septic System Designs usually have to be approved before the installation process can move forward. It is wise to work with an Experienced Septic Designer like CSI.


Five Basic Sewer System Components

  1. Structure with Indoor Plumbing
  2. Sewer Line carrying water, liquid and solid waste from the home
  3. Septic Tank to store and separate sewage into layers of fatty scum, liquids and solids
  4. Outlet Pipe carrying liquids from the septic tank to the soil treatment area
  5. Absorption field containing soil, gravel, perforated lines and tiles


MN Residential Sewer Design Company

The right Sewer System Design can make a huge difference in the effectiveness and cost to dispose of sewage over the lifetime of property ownership. Proper Installation is critical for getting the most for your money. Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a longtime MN Residential Septic Contracting Business with expertise in Customized Design and Installation.

In Perham MN, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Sewer System Design Consultation at 763-218-4769.