Septic Compliance Inspection Failure

Non-Compliant Sewer System Ramsey MNIf you have recently had a Septic Compliance Inspection and received a Notice of Non-Compliance (NON), you may have some questions or concerns. A Compliance Inspection of an Individual Sewer System in Ramsey, MN can be ordered for several different reasons. No matter why the inspection was done in the first place, what matters now is what you are going to do about it. The first step would be contacting a MN Licensed Septic Contractor like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) to figure out why the system is failing and how to fix the problem.


When Septic Compliance Inspections are Required

There can be several different reasons that a Sewer System Compliance Inspection is required.

  • When a Sewage Spill has occurred
  • When a Complaint is made to a local governing body
  • When Property Ownership is Transferred during a sale
  • When a Survey is being done of a certain area
  • When getting a permit to build a New Home
  • When adding on Another Bedroom to your current home


Should I Have Noticed A Sewer System Problem?

When an Individual Sewer System begins to fail the signs may not be obvious. As families grow, the amount of wastewater going into the septic tank can fluctuate. Increased demand can cause a Septic System to become Non-Compliant with current regulations.

Selling your Ramsey, MN home to another family can be just the change is water usage that results in a system malfunction. This is a common reason that a sewer system that had been working great can now develop problems and need to be Repaired or Upgraded to be Compliant with Local or State Codes.


Change in Septic System Codes

Septic System Codes have evolved over the years as advancements in technology take place and greater importance is put on Protecting the Environment. Great awareness in ways to Protect Public Health has also brought about new codes and regulations over the years. The following are some of the reasons for updated sewer system codes:

  • Materials used to construct older septic systems were not as durable
  • Older sewage treatment systems were often installed too deeply
  • Old septic system designs do not have technological advancements
  • Outdated sewer systems were designed to contain human waste and not to treat it


MN Licensed Septic Contractor

As a very experienced and educated Minnesota Licensed Septic Contractor, Brad Krotzer of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can help with Non-Compliant Septic Systems. Give us a call to inspect your Individual Sewer System and figure out if it can be Repaired, Upgraded or needs Replacement. Whether we did the Septic Compliance Inspection or it was done by somebody else, we will give you an honest answer and do what we can to fix the problem for you.

In Ramsey MN, contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Septic System Repairs and Upgrades by calling: 763-218-4769