North West Metro Septic Care And RepairCustom Septic, Inc., has built a reputation in the north west metro for being a leader in the field of septic system repair during our two decades in business. Our experience and longevity have resulted in expertise that is unsurpassed by our competitors. We are known for responding quickly to problems that develop in septic systems and for always completing the repairs the right way. However, we are not just able to fix septic system problems. We also believe that it is important to help our clients prevent problems from arising. Septic systems, like most other kinds of systems, are constructed of mechanisms that are prone to wear and tear, and that means that at some point repairs will be necessary. Good maintenance can maximize the amount of time that passes in between the completion of septic system installation and when those repairs become necessary.

Signs Of Potential Septic System Problems

With that in mind, it is helpful to know how to identify the development of potential problems in your septic system. You may not feel comfortable with or confident about addressing a septic system issue yourself, but you can avoid larger problems by being attentive to the development of potential problems. In the world of septic systems, it is a bit of a cliché to say that “the nose knows.”

You can guess that one of the most obvious signs of a septic system problem is a foul odor. Not all foul odors indicate a problem with the septic system, but some are. The clearest example of this would be the presence of an overwhelming sewage smell coming from your property around the area where your septic tank is located. Odors outdoors tend to dissipate quickly if they are not problematic, but a foul odor that does not go away is likely a sign that you should call us to assess the problem.

Less obvious, but still potentially problematic, are odors that are experienced indoors. For example, if you smell even the faintest sewage odors coming up through the drains in your house, a problem could be developing. If you discover saturated spots around your septic tank, and you are confident that it is not simply the result of how rain drains on your property, you may have an issue with your septic system. If a saturated area of your property is accompanied by a foul odor, it is important that you contact us quickly.

North West Metro Septic System Repair Company

If you live in the north west metro, Custom Septic can not only fix problems that arise, but we are also happy to help you become more knowledgeable about what to look for so you can avert problems before they develop. Call us at 763-218-4769 or submit the form on our website.