New Home Construction Septic SystemsNearly 1.3 million new homes are constructed every year in the U.S. – about 2% or roughly 35,000 were here in Minnesota, alone. To add to that, nearly a half million (or 30% of) Minnesota homes rely on septic systems to process their home’s wastewater. Using this formula, about 10,500 homes will be constructed in Minnesota this year that require the use of a septic tank. Chances are that your new home build falls into this category. There are many factors to consider when designing and constructing a new residential septic system. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top questions we get asked when it comes to new construction and septic systems.

How Big A System Do I Need And What Is The Cost?

To determine the size and cost of the system, one must look at several other variables; how many square feet is the home, how many bedrooms does the home have, how many occupants will be living there, and what is the condition of the soil. All these factors go into determining the size of the septic tank that must be installed to handle the workload. As you might imagine, the size of the system will vary the cost greatly.

Do I Need A Septic Site evaluation?

A site evaluation will help to determine the various types of soil on the property and will help to determine what system is best suited for that soil condition. Many new homes have already had a site evaluation completed, but if not, most septic installers can perform an evaluation as part of the design process.

We get numerous questions about maintenance. There is very little you, as a homeowner, must do to maintain the system and its functions. Perhaps the most helpful things to do are to avoid placing the “wrong” things down the drain and to watch out for any signs of a backup. Outside of some basic preventative maintenance measures, the pros at Custom Septic are readily available to inspect, maintain and repair your septic tank.

Professional Septic Design And Installation Services

Septic systems are custom designed based on the needs of the homeowner and the layout of the property. Not just anyone can put any old system in place. The Minnesota septic professionals at Custom Septic have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure that the right system gets installed. Call (763) 218-4769 or fill out the online request form to schedule a consultation and site plan evaluation.