Septic Tank Alarm Going Off MN

Caution! Septic Tank Alarm Went Off

What Do I Do When Septic Alarm Sounds?

A Septic Tank Alarm is set up as a safety feature to warn if a Failure is occurring. It is letting you know that something is wrong and that fluid levels within the septic tank are above normal levels. There is always a chance that the alarm itself has a malfunction but precautions must be taken to check for an emergency situation that could backup sewage into your Dayton, MN home. Contact a Septic Professional ASAP and Stop Running Water into the septic system until the issue has been resolved. This includes Flushing Toilets, Laundry, Shower, Dishwasher or anything else that sends water down the drain.


Why A Septic Tank Alarm Sounds And What To Do

A Septic Tank Alarm is a safety measure to alert you of a problem before sewage backs up into your home. There are several reasons as to why the alarm sounds. First of all – Do Not Panic! It could be a simple problem that can be easily fixed or a larger issue that requires a Professional Septic Maintenance Technician.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker – un-trip the breaker and watch if it happens again
  • Float Switch could have failed to turn pumps On/Off – contact a septic professional for repair
  • Plugged Transport Component in need of flushing – annual flushing by a certified technician can help to avoid this problem
  • Failed Pump that need repair – contact a septic professional for repair or replacement of septic pump
  • Too Much Water has entered into the septic system – do not run water for 6-8 hours to see if the problem has resolved itself
  • Rain Water or Surface Water has entered the system, causing it to overload – contact a septic system professional to conduct testing to locate and repair the problem


Regular Pump Inspections And Maintenance Advised

Not all Septic System Designs have an Alarm system installed. The septic tank float alarm will sound if water levels inside of the tank are higher than what is normal. Once the tank levels subside, the alarm should turn off. An alarm that randomly goes off is an indication that the pump or another component is starting to go bad. If your onsite sewage treatment system has an alarm, it is wise to have annual inspections and flushing to avoid an emergency situation.


Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for an Annual Inspection of your Dayton, MN Septic System. Brad is a Licensed Septic Professional with more than 19 years of experience in the septic business. He is certified by the State of Minnesota to conduct inspections of each component of the septic system, including the Septic Tank Pump and Alarm system.

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