Alternative Type of Septic Sewage Treatment

Mound System Overview Ramsey MNA large number of rural and suburban Minnesota homes use a Mound System. It is considerered to be an Alternative Septic System Design that works quite well under the right circumstances. Like any other type of Ramsey MN Residential Sewer System it has both advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. Only a Licensed Septic System Designer like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with a complete Site Analysis and detailed plan for a long lasting system that is relatively Easy, Efficient and Cost Effective to operate.


Septic Mounds Overview

Mounds Systems were created as a way to overcome challenges faced with some conventional septic systems. A thorough evaluation of your property will provide the best answers on which kind of On-site Sewage Collection & Treatment System will be most effective and in compliance with local and state ordinances. This Alternative Septic System utilizes an elevated mound that raises the treatment area up above ground level and away from unsuitable soil, bedrock or water tables.


3 Parts of a Mound Septic System

Your Mound System most likely will be made up of three main components. The diagram shown above is an example of what the inside of the septic mound may look like. Each On-site Residential Sewage Treatment System must be specifically designed to work with unique characteristics of the individual property.

  1. Septic Tank
  2. Dosing or Pump Chamber
  3. Elevated Mound

Some customization should be expected for both Conventional and Alternative septic systems, including a mounds system. It should also be custom tailored to meet the needs of the residents for many years to come.



3 Conditions Indicating a Mound System Installation

The treatment of human waste materials and wastewater is a critical part of protecting the health of individuals living and working in the city of Ramsey. Failure to do so could result in illness, environmental damage and reduced property values.

Look for these Three Factors that a Mound System can address:

  1. High Water Table
  2. Soil that allows liquids to pass through either Too Fast or Too Slow for the decontamination process
  3. Shallow Soil that covers over a porous bedrock or creviced substrate


Licensed Septic System Designer

Septic System Design is more than a drawing or diagram of an onsite sewer system. Your Licensed Septic Designer at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with a full site evaluation to determine the best course of action. A customized sewer system design can then be made up before getting a permit or beginning excavation. Learn more about Mound Systems Advantages & Disadvantages on our next blog post.

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