Above Ground Septic System

Mound System Advantages and Disadvantages Otsego MNIf you have been told that your property requires a Mounds System, you may have some questions such as what are the Advantages and Disadvantages to this type of Above Ground Sewage System. An Elevated Septic Mound could be your best option for removing harmful pathogens from dirty and possibly dangerous waste. However, because the the nature of Alternative Sewer Systems you may not have much of a choice. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is more than qualified to help you make sure that everything is done right for the health of your family and the Otsego MN area in general.


Mound System May Be Only Viable Option

Otsego MN property owners have a responsibility to make sure that any wastewater that comes from the home be treated according to rules that are meant to protect people. Human Waste contains dangerous Bacteria that must be eliminated or sanitized for safety. In many cases, conditions on the property are Unsuitable for a Conventional in-ground or ground level Septic System. This is when an Above Ground Mound System is the only viable option.


Mound System Advantages

Here are some of the Advantages of having a Mound System for your onsite sewer system:

  1. Allows you to use a site that would otherwise be unsuitable for a traditional in-ground or at-grade septic system design.
  2. Mound Systems can be utilized in just about any climate.
  3. Not much excavation required is needed in the area of elevated mound, making the risk of construction damage minimal.
  4. The top layer of a mound is typically some natural soil which can be the most permeable (relating to absorption rate of liquid through soil).
  5. Discharge from a Septic Mound System does not go directly into any body of water.


Mound Systems Disadvantages

Here are some Disadvantages of having a Mounds Systems for individual homes:

  1. Alternative Mound Systems are usually much more expensive than a conventional septic system.
  2. Your Mound System Installer must be very careful to not damage topsoil during construction.
  3. Pumps are required to bring wastewater through the treatment process.
  4. Land use could be limited depending on septic system drainage patterns.
  5. Damage to the elevated mound could result in portions having to be rebuilt.
  6. Not everyone is a fan of the way mounds look on their property. However, landscaping options can make a big difference with aesthetics.


Mound System Designer / Installer

Nobody is better equipped to provide individual Mound System Designs and Installations than CSI Custom Septic, Inc. We have many years of experience on how to determine the right septic system for your property, including Alternative Above Ground Systems and Conventional Gravity Septic Systems. We will discuss the Pros and Cons of installing a Mounds System compared to other types of On-site Sewage Treatment Systems.

In Otsego MN, contact CSI Custom Septic Inc. for more information on Above Ground Mounds Systems @ (763) 218-4769