What Type Of Septic System Do You Need?

What type of septic sewage system your property requires, has several Determining Factors – with Soil being the biggest deciding factor. The only way to decide which septic system is right for your home is to have Core Soil Samples taken. An expert will look at the type of soil (Sandy or Clay), along with proximity to the Water Table. In Minnesota, you want a contractor who is Licensed and Certified with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

When A Mounds Septic System Is Needed

Your Soil allows water and gas to penetrate too easily or not at all.

  • Water Table is high.
  • Shallow Soil over porous bedrock.

 An Engineered Drainfield With Biofiltration

A Mound Septic System is an Engineered Drainfield that uses Biofiltration to Clean and Purify wastewater. It consists of a Septic Tank, a Dosing Chamber, and a Mound. The mound is built above ground with layers of Topsoil, Sand and Rock. A minimum of three feet of good soil is needed to separate waste from saturated soil.

 The Right Septic System Is Critical For Your Property

Your septic system experts will determine if a mound system is right for you. Once the correct septic system that adheres to Minnesota and local standards is chosen, a system will be custom made to fit your needs.

The Right Septic System is Critical, whether you need a new septic system for your Primary Rogers, MN Residence or a Lakeside Cabin. A mound septic sewer system allows homes to be built and occupied in rural areas while protecting the environment. An Expert Septic Contractor can design and build a system that gives nature a hand in properly cleaning the wastewater before returning it to surrounding soil.

 Diagram of a Mound Septic Sewage System

Diagram of a Mound Septic Sewage System

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