Elevated Sand Mound Sewage Treatment System

Mound System Designer Installer Otsego MNEach home in the Otsego and Elk River MN area must be equipped with a Sewer System that is appropriate for the individual property. Outer suburbs and rural areas are likely to have an Onsite Septic System to handle the job effectively. An Elevated Sand Mound System is needed when conditions warrant this type of technology. Residential Sewers are typically Designed and Engineered by a Certified Designer that can design and construct that will last for many, many years. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is a MN authorized Mound System Contractor.


Engineered Onsite Septic Mound System

An Elevated Sand Mound System isn’t the cheapest sewer system around but it definitely has its place in the Onsite Septic System world. This kind of engineered system is one of the best options for properties that do not conform to a standard onsite sewer system. Your septic inspector or designer will be able to tell you if Mound System Treatment Technology is recommended or even required in some cases.


Why Install Elevated Sand Mound System?

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can provide you with a site analysis, complete with soil testing, to determine if an Elevated Sand Mound System is required for your property. If one or more of the five following circumstances are present then we will probably be required to Install a Mound Septic System to meet permit regulations.

  1. Inadequate Soil Depth to properly absorb liquid waste.
  1. High Clay Content in the soil that causes poor soil drainage.
  1. Not Enough Space to construct a standard onsite septic system.
  1. Inconvenient Location is the only area with suitable soil conditions for a standard gravity system.
  1. High Water Table that could contaminate ground water.


Certified Mound System Designer

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a highly respected and Certified Mound Septic Designer with services available in the Elk River, Otsego, Rogers and Dayton MN area. Our team is up to date on the latest Sewage Treatment Technology used in Minnesota. An engineered On Site Septic Mound System could be your best option if soil testing and a site evaluation finds one or more of the conditions listed above. Call us for more information on Professional Septic Designing and Residential Septic System Construction for a standard system or mound system.

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