Reliable Sewage Treatment and Value

Minnesota Septic CompanyAnybody who has owned a property with an Individual Septic System can tell you that it is much better to maintain the system than to have it replaced. A septic system is a big investment that can pay off in Reliable Sewage Treatment for many years. The key is choose a Minnesota Septic Specialist that cares about doing the job right. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). provides every customer with Affordable Septic Services that are Environmentally Responsible. If a problem should arise in an existing sewage system, call CSI for Troubleshooting Septic Problems.


Troubleshooting Sewage System Problems

When checking for the source of Sewage System Problems, a MN Septic Specialist may check for the following:

  1. Adequate Septic Design: Is the septic system designed by a licensed septic professional? Does the septic tank and drainfield meet or exceed the needs of the property’s home or business? Are the soil conditions conducive to longterm sewage treatment?
  1. Proper Installation: Did the septic contractor handle the installation correctly and with care? Are the septic components installed in the correct position? Was the soil backfilled and compacted correctly?
  1. Proper Care and Maintenance: Are the property owners following the rules? Has the septic system been inspected on a regular basis by a licensed MN septic contractor? Has the septic tank been pumped out and cleaned every 1 to 3 years? Has the household water usage changed?
  1. Clogged Sewage System: Could something such as food particals, clothing fibers, tampons or baby wipes be clogging the septic system? Did anyone poor a bacteria killing agent into the system? Is a toy or foreign object blocking a sewage pipe?
  1. Frozen Septic System: Have the Minnesota winter weather conditions dipped down to very cold temperatures? Is there adequate insulation from snow cover, mulch or hay? Is a leaky plumbing fixture causing a steady drip of water down the drain?
  1. Flooding or Water Run Off: Has it been run-off from a very wet season with heavy rain or snow? Has there been a recent flood? Is water from a sump pump or gutter draining into the septic system?
  1. Tree Root Intrusion: Are there trees growing too close to septic components? Are the wrong types of trees planted near the septic system? Could tree roots be growing into the sewage line, soil treatment area or septic tank?
  1. Biomat Overgrowth: Has a biological imbalance caused an excessive amount of bacteria to grow in the soil treatment zone? Is the biomat becoming too thick so that it slows the natural treatment process?


Minnesota Septic System Specialists

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a highly respected Minnesota Septic System Specialist for a reason. Our technicians take pride in the level of customer service and value that we provide our customers. You can be confident in knowing that our Affordable Septic Services are Environmentally Friendly.

CSI is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured MN Septic Company.

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for  Quality Septic Services at 763-218-4769.