Estimate on Septic System Repairs or Replacement

MN Septic System RepairSeptic Systems can Fail for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for septic system failure is lack of maintenance and a clogged biomat. Proper Maintenance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Septic System Repairs for premature failure. If you are starting to notice signs of a Septic System Malfunction call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for an evaluation and estimate on all necessary Repairs or Replacement. We are trusted Minnesota Licensed Septic Contractors.


Signs Of A Septic System Malfunction

Modern MN Septic Systems are designed to last for decades with Proper Care and Maintenance. With that said, it is still possible for your Onsite Sewage Treatment System to encounter problems and need repair. The following are some signs that you may have a Failing Septic System:

  • Strong Odors coming from the septic tank or underground drainfield
  • Septic Tank Alarm has sounded
  • Wet or Soggy soil in the above the drainfield
  • Slow, Gurgling Drains in the shower, floor drains, toilets or sinks
  • Sewage that Backs Up into your home
  • Failed Water Quality Test
  • Intestinal Disorders experienced by household members


Common Reasons for Septic Failure

Minnesota property owners with an Onsite Sewage Treatment System can avoid septic failure by being Septic Smart. There are things that you should be doing and avoiding to help Prevent Septic Failure. The following are Common Reasons that some MN Septic Systems Fail:

  • Overloading Septic Tank with wastewater
  • Using a Garbage Disposal
  • Clogged Biomat
  • Driving, Parking or Building on top of septic components
  • Planting Trees or Invasive Plants too close to absorption field
  • Flushing items down the toilet that slow down or clog the system
  • Leaky Faucets, Showers, Water Heaters and Toilets
  • Pouring Grease, Fats, Paints, Stains down the drain
  • Improper Septic Design or Installation
  • Failure to have Septic Tank Pumped Out on a regular basis
  • Overuse of Chemicals, Bleach, Antibacterial and Cleaning Products
  • Directing Downspouts or Sump Pumps to drain onto the septic system


Minnesota Licensed Septic System Contractors

Custom Septic. Inc. (CSI) is highly qualified and Trusted MN Licensed Septic Contractor. We have been providing quality workmanship for our Septic System Clients for over 19 years. Keep up with Proper Maintenance and Pumping to Prevent Septic System Malfunction. Contact CSI for an honest evaluation if you suspect that your Onsite Sewage System is Failing. We provide Septic Repairs, Replacement, Compliance Inspections and Septic Designs at a competitive price.

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Free Estimate at 763-218-4769