Financial Assistance for Septic System Upgrades

Septic System Loans Programs MinnesotaSeptic Systems play a vary important role in protecting human health and the environment. A malfunctioning sewage treatment system can do incredible harm and cost thousands of dollars to Repair or Replace. The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency has two different Financial Assistance options for Septic System Upgrades. There is the Rehabilitation Loan Program and the Fix Up Loan Program. Each have different aspects for Loan Repayment and Financial Eligibility. Custom Septic, Inc. provides more information on our website. Follow the links on the Low Interest Financing page for information on these and other Septic System Financial Assistance Programs.


Individual Sewer Treatment Systems

Individual Sewer Treatment Systems are very common across the state of Minnesota. The national average is 1 in 4 homes rely on a private septic system to organically treat household wastewater and human waste. Proper treatment is critical for the Protection of Public Health and the Environment. Groundwater can easily be polluted by a malfunctioning or improperly installed septic system. The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency has made emergency funds available to some Minnesota homeowners with poorly performing septic systems.


MN Housing Rehabilitation Loan

The Minnesota Rehabilitation Loan Program focuses on Emergency Funds for Safety, Energy Efficiency, Accessibility and Habitability. This financial assistance program provides Low Interest Loans for homeowners who meet certain criteria including Income Limits. A great feature of this loan program is that under some circumstances your Loan May Be Forgiven.

Your Septic System upgrades may be eligible if you qualify under the following requirements:

  • Qualify under specified Income Limits
  • Owner occupied property
  • Current on mortgage payments and property taxes
  • Your assets do not exceed $25,000


MN Fix Up Loan Program

Septic System Low Interest Loans from the Minnesota Housing Fix Up Loan Program is different from the rehab loan program. This program provides lower interest loans that may be either Secured Loans or Unsecured Loans. Income requirements are not as strict as used for the Rehabilitation Loans. Once again Septic System Upgrades may be eligible under Fix-up Loan requirements.

Loans from the MN Housing Fix Up Program generally have longer repayment terms. Affordable Fix-up Loans also have a high loan-to-value ratio. Income Limits Do Not require that a family meet Low Income guidelines. Another nice feature of this program is that there are No Prepayment Penalties.


Licensed Septic System Contractor

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for affordable Septic System Repair and Septic System Replacement services. CSI is a Licensed Septic System Contractor with more than 19 years of experience. Our service area covers the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro areas and also Northern Minnesota. Visit our website for information on Low Interest Financing options from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency as well as USDA Loan programs. We provide unsurpassed Service and Knowledge in MN Sewage Treatment Systems.

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