Proper Sewage Treatment

Septic System MaintenanceProper Sewage Treatment is vitally important for your family and the entire community. A septic system that is not working correctly poses a significant risk to the water supply. This is why the city of Ramsey, MN requires a Septic Compliance Inspection be completed before the transfer or sale of property. It is your responsibility to make sure that your Individual Sewage Treatment System is effectively treating the sewage wastewater on your property. Septic Inspections must be completed by a MPCA Certified Inspector such as Brad Krotzer of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI).


Required Septic Compliance Inspections

For the protection of the entire Ramsey, MN community, a Septic System Compliance Inspection is required before the sale of transfer of property. An inspection must be performed by a septic professional who has been Certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).


Certificate Of Compliance

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can thoroughly inspect your entire septic system and issue a Certificate of Compliance. We will look at the type of septic design and examine if it is providing proper treatment of the raw sewage.

A failed system will be issued a Notice of Non-Compliance. In most cases the City of Ramsey allows 12 months to bring the system into compliance.


Septic System Maintenance

There are several things that you can do to help ensure that your Individual Sewage Treatment System is working properly. Good maintenance includes having an Annual Inspection to detect in problems with the Septic Tank, Pump, Septic Pipes and Drainfield.

The following list contains Smart Septic System Maintenance Tips:

  • Pump Out Septic Tank and clean on a regular basis. The frequency can vary depending on usage and size of the tank. A typical septic tank will need to be pumped out about every 3 years.
  • Annual Septic System Checkups will keep you informed of when the tank needs pumping. An MPCA Certified Inspector may be able to detect any minor issues that need attention before they become major problems.
  • Run the Washing Machine and Dishwasher only with a full load. This will help cut down on unnecessary water overloading your septic system.
  • Never Pour Grease, Fat or Solids down the drain. They can solidify and clog your septic system.
  • Be Mindful of What You Flush down the toilet. Items such as feminine hygiene products, diapers, wipes, dental floss, cat litter, cigarette butts, and coffee grounds can all cause damage to a septic system.
  • A Lint Filter Attached to the Washing Machine outlet hose can significantly reduce the amount of lint that enters into the septic tank. Lint and fibers add to the amount of inorganic matter in the system.
  • Avoid Over-Usage of Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaning Products. These types of household cleaners can kill off the naturally occurring bacteria that is needed to effectively treat wastewater.
  • Garbage Disposals can be harmful to septic systems. They allow food particles to build up inside of the septic tank and slow the biological sewage treatment process.
  • Do No Drive or Park on top of the septic system’s drainfield. The weight of a vehicle, play equipment or shed can cause damage to the underground septic pipes and cause a system malfunction.


MPCA Certified Inspector

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Certified Septic System Compliance Inspections. We are MPCA Certified to perform inspections of existing Individual Sewage Treatment Systems. A Certificate of Compliance is required by the City of Ramsey, MN before transfer or sale of a property. Many other surrounding Minnesota cities also require inspections to determine that all existing septic systems be in compliance with state and local codes.

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) serving the Twin Cities and Northern Minnesota. Contact us at 763-218-4769. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.