Keep Your Drainfield in Good Working Order

Organic Sewage Treatment Buffalo MNTaking the necessary steps to Keep Your Septic Drainfield Healthy and in good working order can be a great investment. Your property value can suffer if the drain field fails and has to be replaced by a Licensed Minnesota Septic System Contractor. Not only does it make good financial sense to take good care of the entire septic system, it can also prevent sewage from Contaminating Drinking Water and Endangering the Eco System. A Septic Drainfield is designed to last for decades with Proper Care and Maintenance. Easy and cost effective Septic Maintenance Tips for Buffalo, MN property owners is available from CSI Custom Septic, Inc.


Organic Sewage Treatment Process

A Septic System can be a complicated eco system with multiple components that all contribute to an Organic Sewage Treatment Process. Every part of the septic system is designed to do a specific function to filter out contaminants before treated water is allowed to work its way back into the groundwater system. A Drainfield that is Clogged or Overloaded with Wastewater can malfunction allowing sewer to rise to the surface or Backup into your home.


10 Easy Septic System Maintenance Tips

Here are some Easy Cost Effective Septic System Maintenance Tips:


  1. Schedule a Septic Compliance Inspection for property transfer, when a malfunction is suspected or when the current certificate of compliance is expiring after three years.


  1. Find a Reliable Septic Tank Pumping Technician to clean out the tank as needed. Most septic tanks will need to be pumped out once every three years. Ask your technician to take a look around and inform you if repairs should be scheduled.


  1. Contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic Repairs and Inspections.


  1. Conserve Water when possible to prevent water overload in the septic tank or drainfield. Wash only full loads of laundry or dishes. Take a break between showers. Repair leaky plumbing fixtures.


  1. Direct Rain Gutters and Sump Pumps Away From Your Drainage Field.


  1. Pay Attention to What Goes Down Your Drains. Don’t pour cooking grease down the drain. Limit use of garbage disposal. Use natural cleaning products when possible. Limit bacteria killing soaps and cleaning products. Use a washing machine lint filter.


  1. Never Use Toilet as Trash Can. Don’t flush down wet wipes, cigarette butts, dental floss, tampons, diapers, kitty litter, condoms, etc.


  1. Grow Grass or Low Maintenance Native Plants over septic tank and drain field area.


  1. Keep Roots Away From Septic System. Plant trees, shrubs, bushes, gardens and landscaping far enough away to avoid roots from growing into septic components.


  1. Never Park, Drive or Build Over Drainfield.


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

Septic System Care and Maintenance does not require much time or money in order to make a big impact. Following the simple tips listed above can Increase Your Property Value and Protect the Environment, including Your Well Water. A Healthy Drainfield capable of Organic Sewer Treatment is well worth the effort.

In Buffalo MN, call CSI Custom Septic, Inc. @ 763-218-4769. Licensed Septic Contractor providing Affordable Septic Services including Licensed Septic Inspections & Expert Septic Repair Service.