Upgrade or Replace Non Conforming Septic Systems

Low Interest Sewer System Loans Rockford MNWhile its not something that is often spoken about in casual conversations at the kid’s soccer game or around the evening firepit, Healthy Septic Systems are quite important. A failing or faulty sewer system can result in Disease, Pollution and lots of Wasted Money. This is why Sewage Treatment deserves a seat at the table (so to speak). Upgrading, Repairing or Replacing a Failed Sewer System can be very expensive. Low Interest Loans are sometimes available to Rockford MN property owners through a variety of programs. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) has a section on our website that is devoted to various Financial Assistance Grants and Loans for Non-Conforming MN Septic Systems. CSI also provides Septic Services including Compliance Inspections, Repairs, Designing and Installation of several types of On-Site Septic Systems.


MN Septic Compliance Inspections

Each Rockford MN landowner is responsible for their own Sewage Treatment unless they are connected to a Municipal Sewer System. A Septic Compliance Inspection is sometimes required to make sure that the system is operating properly and that it is up to the standards set by state or local regulators.

A Minnesota Authorized Septic System Inspector can take a close look at each area of the system and provide you with an official report. An onsite sewer system will be considered Non-Compliant if it fails to meet the standards mandated for protecting health of state residents and environment.


Non-Compliant Septic Systems

Receiving a Notice of Non Compliance for your residential or commercial septic system means that you will probably be responsible for fixing the problem. It depends on the extent and seriousness of the code violation for what will be needed to bring your own little Wastewater Treatment Facility into compliance. You could be looking at anything from Repairs or Upgrades to complete Replacement of the Septic Tank, Sewer Pipes and Drain Field.


Low Interest Financing Onsite Sewage Systems

Financial Assistance Programs for residential or commercial septic systems are constantly changing. Funds for Low Interest Loans & Grants will become available periodically for those property owners who qualify for the program’s specifications.

  • Loans up to $8,000
  • Loans at 3% interest rate
  • Up to 5 Year loan duration
  • Non-Conforming Septic Systems or Non-Compliant Sewer Systems
  • Federal, State or County programs may be available for a limited time under the USDA, MN Housing, Fix Up Program, Agriculture or Rehabilitation Loan


Septic Repairs | Upgrades | Replacement

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) has been around for many years. Over a 20 year period we have seen just about every kind of Septic System Failure that you could imagine. During a Septic Compliance Inspection, our MN Certified Inspector can detect problems that could lead to a serious Code Violation or Septic Malfunction.

We advise our clients to do some research and see if they qualify for a Low Interest Loan or Grant to Repair, Upgrade or Replace a Non-Compliant Sewer System before the problems spiral out of control and you are left with a big, expensive mess.

In Rockford MN, reach Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) at 763-218-4769 • use our Online Form or Email: brad@customseptic.com