Low Interest Septic System Improvement Loans

Low Interest Septic Improvement LoansAgriculture and rural communities rely on the safe operation of area On-stie Septic Systems to protect water quality. Any system that deals with either animal or human waste materials must be vigilant about proper treatment and disposal. Septic Compliance Inspections are used to identify Non-compliant Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems that could negatively affect the quality and safety of ground and surface water. Low Interest Septic System Improvement Loans can help to lessen the financial burden and bring failing sewage systems up to compliance standards. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is an authorized Septic Compliance Inspector and Septic Installer that can assist with approved Septic Upgrades paid for with AgBMP Loans.


Septic Compliance Inspection

Septic Compliance Inspections are mandatory under a few different conditions as a way to evaluate the workings of an existing Soil Based Sewage System. Minnesota does not require a compliance inspection at property transfer but many local ordinances do have that requirement. The mortgage lender may insist on a report from a Septic Compliance Inspector before approval of the loan. Many communities will want an inspection if a complaint has been received or when lots are being split.

When an existing onsite system passes the Septic Compliance Inspection, a Certificate of Compliance or a Notice of Noncompliance will be issued.


Low Interest AgBMP Septic Repair Program

Because a failed or non-compliant septic system can be very hazardous to public health and the environment, the Agricultural Best Management Practices (AgBMP) offers Low Interest Loans to help bring them up to code. This is a state agency under the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that looks out for Water Quality standards. Get a detailed estimate from your Septic Installer on the work and costs involved with Septic System Improvements and see if your project qualifies for an AgBMP Loan.


  • Maximum length of 10 Years
  • Maximum 3% Interest rate on loan
  • Multiple loans are possible but may not total more than $200,000 combined for all of your loans under this program
  • Loan used for upgrades on Existing Septic Systems
  • Improvements must be for Protecting MN Water Quality


Licensed Septic Inspector and Installer

As a Minnesota resident and property owner, the owner of CSI Custom Septic, Inc. understands the importance of protecting our natural resources. We have a Licensed Septic Compliance Inspector on staff to provide legal inspections of new and existing septic systems. If your On-site Sewage System fails the professional evaluation, we are happy to assist with a free quote to help you obtain funding through the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture Low Interest Loan Program.

Minnesota Septic Owners can contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic Compliance Inspection and Septic System Improvements at (763) 218-4769.