Sherburne County Sewage Treatment System Permits

Licensed Sewage System Designer Big Lake MNBig Lake MN is located in Sherburne County so all On-site Sewage Treatment Systems are regulated by the county’s Planning and Zoning Administration. Local codes and regulations are designed to Protect the Community and the Environment from unsafe sewage systems. Installing a New or Replacement Septic System requires a Permit from Sherburne County. The permit application includes a section for the proposed sewage treatment plan that must be designed by a MPCA Licensed Septic Designer. As a professional sewage system designer from Big Lake, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) has complete knowledge of the permit and application process and how to get the job done right.


Sewer System Permit Application

There is a lot that goes into deciding on the appropriate Onsite Sewer System Design for each property and usage. Every community has regulations set up to protect the local residents from unhealthy conditions caused by sewage contamination. Big Lake and Becker MN property owners must fill out a Sewer Treatment System Application to get the necessary permits to move forward with installing, replacing or repairing a septic system.

A detailed drawing of the new sewage system must be included with the permit application. Sewer Systems should be designed by somebody who is a MN Licensed Septic System Designer. All components must be labeled along with needed setbacks from Wells, Roads, Rivers, Lakes and Houses.


Types of MN Sewage Treatment Systems

When designing a New Sewage Treatment System for each application the designer carefully considers many different factors. The different types of septic systems used in Minnesota include the following:

  • Gravel Trench Sewer System
  • Pressure Bed Sewage Systems
  • At-Grade System with Drain Field
  • Pre-Treatment System
  • Mound Septic System


MPCA Licensed Sewage System Installer

While filling out a permit application for a replacement or New Sewage Treatment System there is a section for listing your MPCA Licensed Sewer System Installer. When you work with Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) you can get a professionally designed and installed system from the same MN Licensed Contractor. This helps to simplify the process and save time and money.


MPCA Licensed Septic System Designer

If you are in need of a compliant septic system design and installation, Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI). We are a MPCA Licensed Sewage Treatment System Designer and Installer. CSI can design and install septic systems for new construction or replacement of a failed or non-compliant Onsite Septic System. As a MN Licensed Septic Contractor for nearly 20 years in the Big Lake MN area, we have helped countless Sherburne County MN property owners to fill out permit applications and get a new sewer system installed.

In Sherburne County MN, Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Sewage Treatment System Designs by calling 763-218-4769 today!