MPCA Certified Septic Contractors

MN Licensed and Certified Septic ContractorAlways make sure that the company or individual that you hire for Septic Services is Licensed and Certified by the State of Minnesota. There are many aspects of Septic Designing, Installing, Repairing, Maintaining and Inspecting that require much education and training. Licensed Septic Professionals like Brad Krotzer of CSI Custom Septic, Inc. must keep up with ongoing education in order to stay on top of recent changes for Septic System Related Businesses. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is in charge of certification of MN Septic Contractors near me and in all parts of the state.


Certified to Provide Septic Services

As a way to Protect Minnesota Citizens, the MPCA requires that businesses that perform work on Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS) have proper training and licensing. There are several different classifications for individual contractors or companies that Provide Septic Services. Individual certification classes are completed through programs at the University of Minnesota, On-site Sewage Treatment Program.


Requirements for Licensed Septic Contractors

Minnesota septic businesses have an Annual Requirement for having a Septic Business License. A condition of that license is having Liability Insurance and a minimum of $10,000 Surety Bond along with someone on staff that is certified to provide the specific kinds of services that they are doing. Individual Certifications have to be kept up every Three Years with additional training hours as a requirement of the registration.


Protecting Human Health and the Environment

It is the job of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to oversee sewage treatment systems. Having highly trained professionals to make sure that all Septic Systems Comply with Health and Safety Regulations is vitally important. Septic System Owners trust Licensed Septic Contractors to keep sewage systems well maintained in order to prevent contamination of our groundwater. A properly functioning septic system is designed to effectively remove harmful pathogens, chemicals and nutrients from used waste water before it enters back into the groundwater and drinking water system.


Licensed & Certified MN Septic Business

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. carries a Current Septic Business License and meets or exceeds all requirements as a Licensed Septic Professional for the state of Minnesota. The owner, Brad Krotzer has been certified in Septic Specialty Areas as a Septic Installer, Septic System Designer and a Septic Compliance Inspector. All of these specific areas of septic services are possible through years of hard work, ongoing education and dedication to providing residential and commercial septic services that protect human health and the environment.

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