Safe Drinking Water

Well and Septic System Record Keeping Ramsey MNRamsey, Minnesota homes with a Private Well should also have their own Individual Sewage Disposal System. A good way to Protect Your Drinking Water and keep it safe is to take good care of your On-Site Septic System. As your MPCA Certified Septic Professional, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can help you to know the best way to Maintain a Healthy Septic System and therefore, Prevent Water Contamination from making your family sick. Proper septic system maintenance includes Keeping Records of the location, pumping schedule, repairs and inspections.


Keep Track of Well and Septic System Records

Keeping written records for your own Well Water and for your on lot Septic System can make life easier. The records can come in handy to tell you when to schedule the next septic tank pumping or test for impurities in your drinking water. If you plan to sell the property or transfer ownership, you will be glad that all of the related information is kept together and well documented.


Your Private Well File Information

The folder that you keep to document information on your Private Well may include items such as:

  • Location of Private Well
  • Copy of Permit for Well Drilling
  • Well Drilling Company name
  • Written records of Well Construction
  • Water Treatment Equipment info from the manufacturer
  • Copies of Water Quality Testing results
  • Document any Changes in Water Quality over time
  • Detailed Well Logs may contain geological makeup, aquafer depth and construction method used to install your water well


Your On Lot Septic System Information

The folder that you keep to document information on your Septic System may include items such as:

  • Location of Septic System Components which may include the septic tank, drainfield and any electrical parts
  • Copy of Permit for Septic Installation
  • Name of Septic Contractor that Designed and Installed the system
  • Type of Septic System being used
  • Drawing of where Septic Pipes leave the home and location of septic tank Manhold Cover
  • Septic Inspection Records
  • Septic Maintenance Records including pumping schedule, repairs, filter cleanings and replacements


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

The water your family drinks and uses every day should be kept safe and free from contamination. Maintaining Detailed Records of your Well and Individual Septic System can save you from the hassle, expense and possible illness of having something go wrong. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is MPCA Certified Septic Professional business providing dependable septic services in the Ramsey, Minnesota area. Call for Design, Installation, Repairs and Inspections for long lasting on-site sewage disposal and treatment that you can trust.

In Ramsey, MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for reliable septic services that you can trust for the life of your individual sewage treatment system by calling: 763-218-4769 Today!