Regular Septic Maintenance and Inspections

Keep Septic System Running Smoothly Corcoran MNEvery Septic System Owner in Corcoran MN would like to have a sewer system that does its job without any trouble. In order to Keep Your Septic System Operating Properly for up to 10, 20, 30 or 40 years its important to do Regular Maintenance & Inspections. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides high quality septic services that can help to keep Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (ISTS) running smoothly for many years. Our website has Care & Maintenance Tips that are easy to follow and could save you big dollars on a premature septic system replacement.


Small Investment in Healthy Sewer System

Having your own Individual Sewage Treatment System ISTS means that you are responsible for keeping it functioning properly. Maintaining a Healthy Septic is key to avoiding a major, costly malfunction. A Failed Septic System could cost you hundrends or thousands of dollars on repairs and early replacement. A small investment of your time and resources is likely to pay off both financially and physically.


12 Septic System Maintenance Tips

Some tips for having keeping a septic system running smoothly are common sense items. Some maintenance tips may not be something that a typical homeowner would think about until a sewage problem surfaces. Here are some Septic Maintanance Tips for a Healthy Sewage System:

  1. Routine Septic System Inspections
  1. Regular Septic Tank Cleanings (every 3 years depending on need)
  1. Avoid Driving, Parking or Building over Septic Tank and Drainfield
  1. Only Organic Human Waste and Toilet Tissue in the Toilet
  1. Use Lint Filter on Washing Machine
  1. Distribute Loads of Laundry Throughout the Week
  1. Limit Use of Chemicals and Harsh Cleaning Products
  1. Direct Downspouts and Water Runoff Away From Drainage Field
  1. Limit Use of Garbage Disposal
  1. Stay Away From Septic Tank Additives or Rejuvenators
  1. Keep a Record of Septic Tank Maintenance along with Sitemap or Drawing Detailing Location of Septic Components
  1. Keep Large Plants, Shrubs and Trees Away from Septic System Areas – Instead; Grow Native, Low Maintenance Grasses


Reliable Septic Services Provider

Once Corcoran MN homeowners understand the basics of Routine Septic System Maintenance its easy pretty easy to Keep Septic Systems Working Properly. Don’t forget to schedule a Septic System Inspection with CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to make sure that things are running as smoothly as possible. Providing Honest, Reliable Septic Services for over 20 years.

In the Corcoran, Hanover, Buffalo MN area, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. at 763-218-4769 for Reliable High Quality Septic Services!