Replace Older Septic Tank System

Benefits of New Septic System Installation Andover MNAndover, MN homes and businesses with an Older Septic Tank System may benefit by replacing the old septic tanks with new tanks. Many older system can still perform adequately but some have Lacked Proper Maintenance, have been Damaged or are Not Efficient in operation. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Septic Installation Professional with a great reputation for service, value and honesty. If you are considering Installation of a New Septic Tank or Drainfield, give us a call for a Free Estimate and consultation to discuss the Advantages of Installing a New Septic Tank System or utilizing your existing septic system for a longer period of time.


When Your Septic Equipment Needs Replacement

Unfortunately, there are times when you may not have a choice in when your Septic Tank Needs Replacement. A trained septic professional like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can inspect an existing septic system and determine if the current equipment can be Repaired or if it is more cost effective to Replace the Septic Tanks, Pipes, Pumps or Drainage Field.

  • Failed Septic Compliance Inspection
  • Signs of Septic System Failure
    • Sewage Backup
    • Terrible Odors
    • Standing Water
    • Intestinal Illness
    • Algae Overgrowth
    • Failed Well Water Test


5 Advantages of Installing Newer Septic System

A septic system that has received a Proper Design, Careful Installation, Regular Maintenance and Inspections should last for decades. There are some Benefits of Installing a Newer Septic System rather than an older, less efficient model.

  1. Many New Septic Tanks are built to be airtight, durable, impervious to rusting or cracking, resistant to organic treatment process.


  1. Newly Installed Septic Tanks are equipped with a ground level manhole cover or septic tank riser.


  1. Advanced or Secondary Treatment Systems can be added to increase the efficiency of the sewage treatment and purification process.


  1. New Septic Systems must pass a septic compliance inspection that indicates the system meets or exceeds all health department requirements.


  1. An Experienced Septic Installation Professional can make sure that all equipment is carefully installed and that no equipment is faulty.


Certified MN Septic Installation Professional

As a MN State Certified Septic Installation, Repair and Inspection Professional, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with all of the necessary information to determine whether a new septic tank, drainfield or other component is a good idea. The cost to benefit ratio should be carefully considered before beginning the process for replacing an existing septic system component with new equipment. Low Interest Loans are often available through the county or a state or federal agency.

In Andover MN, contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) to schedule a Septic Inspection or Septic Replacement Consultation at: 763-218-4769