November 19, 2015 in MN and Around the World

World Toilet Day 2015 MNNovember 19th, 2015 is officially labeled as World Toilet Day! This day was established to garner more awareness for the One Billion People Worldwide that do not have a safe and sanitary place to use as a restroom. Minnesota has laws that regulate how Human Waste is collected and treated. Specially trained Septic Professionals take care of things like Septic System Designs, Installation, Inspections and Repairs to make sure that the public and environment are safe from pollution and disease.
Residents of Northern Minnesota, Anoka County, Sherburne County, Wright County and others can call on Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for help with Individual Sewage Waste Treatment Systems.


Individual Sewage Waste Treatment System

When you hear the word “Toilet” what do you think of? For most Minnesota residents the word most likely conjurs up an image of a porcelain thrown placed in a private, indoor area. People living in cities and towns across the state usually have a Municipal Sewer System that collects and treats sewage waste along with other water used inside of the home. In more rural areas an Individual Sewage Waste Treatment System is commonly used and usually very effective.


Poor Sanitation Can Lead to Disease

Poor Sanitation is the reason for the lack of clean water in many areas around the world. Millions of people die every year from Disease attributed to poor sanitation and the resulting Water Pollution. A working toilet is something that most people take for granted but can be so vitally important to keeping the population healthy.


Good Sanitation Promotes a Healthier Environment

At first, World Toilet Day may seem like a joke but when you take a look at the implications of going without Good Sanitation the day takes on a whole new meaning. Raw, untreated, human waste can spread disease. Today’s modern Individual Sewage Waste Treatment Systems can do a remarkable job with Promoting a Healthier Environment and Protecting Clean Water.


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

In honor or World Toilet Day 2015, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) would like for you to take the time to think about your own Sewage Treatment System and consider if its time to call in a MPCA Certified Septic Professional to keep it in good working order. We provide several important Septic System Services for Minnesota customers. Give us a call or reach out on our contact page if you are need of Septic Installation, Septic Inspections, Septic Repair or a new Septic Design. CSI is doing our part to provide Good Sanitation for a Healthier Environment and state of Minnesota.

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