Importance of Septic Tank PumpingIf you’ve seen the movie, Meet the Parents, then it’s likely that you remember the unforgettable scene where Greg flushes the one toilet that was deemed unusable by his soon to be father in law. This scene is the epitome of why septic tank pumping is so important. While Greg did use the faulty toilet, the only person that should be blamed in this matter is the person that didn’t call the septic company in time. At Custom Septic, Inc. in Minnesota, we never want to put you in this sort of pickle. We want our customers to be educated in the importance of septic tank pumping. Afterall, you never quite know when that tipping point will actually come.

Septic Tank Has Overflowed

When we ask property owners whose septic tank has overflowed, we often hear that they just never made it a priority and time quickly caught up with them. Neglecting to pump out your septic tank in a timely manner is not only unsanitary and gross, it can be a very costly expense to repair. When you do not pump your septic system routinely, your tank’s performance lifespan can dramatically decrease. Your tank will not be able to separate solid from liquid very well, so then solids will then begin passing through the drain fields, the drain fields will then get clogged and stop working completely and your entire septic system will then begin to back up. Therefore, it makes sense to put it on your calendar and make these routine maintenance appointments a hard priority versus something you may eventually get around to doing.

Importance of Septic Tank Pumping

Typically, we recommend your septic tank system to be pumped and cleaned between every 2-3 years. This is most dependent upon the size of your household, the amount of people living in it and the septic size. If you are pumping your septic system for the first time at Custom Septic, Inc., we are more than happy to help you evaluate when your projected service dates will be. We can even go as far as to put them on our calendar so you will no longer have to worry about it. As we are doing your septic tank pumping, we can talk with you about ways to help maintain your septic system and prolong its life. Whether it’s eliminating flushing unnecessary items, getting rid of your garbage disposal or adding septic additives to your septic system, we can help keep your septic tank as efficient as possible.

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