Easy And Affordable Septic Safe Laundry Rules

Septic Tank Safe Laundry Tips Buffalo MNIf your Buffalo MN home is equipped with a Private Septic Tank System then you probably understand that there are rules for keeping it healthy. The way that you do Laundry can have an affect on the way that your septic system functions. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has provided some information and Septic Safe Laundry Tips that could help to Save Money and Avoid Septic System Failure. Luckily, the list is pretty easy and affordable to follow.


Avoid Septic System Failure With Safe Laundry Habits

A Home Septic System is basically a miniature version of a Wastewater Treatment System. Everything that goes in must work its way through the system before coming back out again. Since Weekly Laundry Habits can have a big affect on the way your septic system functions, its wise to pay attention to how, when and what goes down the drain.


Proper Laundry Techniques For Healthy Septic Tank

  1. Discharge water from laundry into the septic tank – not directly into the drain field.
  2. Install an energy efficient washing machine that requires less water and less energy to run each load.
  3. Make a habit of spreading out loads of laundry throughout the week rather than saving it all up for one day. One washing machine load per day is optimal.
  4. Only run full loads through the washing machine if possible.
  5. Choose proper load size for water level.
  6. Attach a lint trap filter to washing machine’s discharge hose in order to cut down on material building up inside of septic tank.
  7. Keep lint filters clean and change as recommended.
  8. Use a liquid laundry soap rather than a powder detergent.
  9. Only use recommended amount of laundry soap per load.
  10. Switch to an all-natural laundry detergent for a healthier septic tank.
  11. Dryer sheets are better than liquid fabric softeners.
  12. Look for a biodegradable detergent that is low phosphate and surfactants.
  13. Install a front loading washing machine if possible.
  14. Use bleach sparingly to avoid killing off beneficial bacteria inside of the septic tank.


Septic System Inspection

Regular Septic System Inspections are a great way to evaluate the health of your septic system and know when it needs to be pumped out. Don’t forget to keep up with Regular Maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Practicing smart, low cost Laundry Techniques can be very beneficial and just may Prevent Septic System Failure.

In Buffalo MN, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) to schedule your next Annual Septic System Inspection at 763-218-4769.