Understanding Your On Site Septic System

How Does Septic System Work? Minneapolis,MinnesotaIf you live in the city or a suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota area that has a public sewer system then you could go your whole life without thinking much about On Site Septic Systems. For those of us that reside outside of the metro or on a rural lot, understanding your own septic system can be very beneficial. If you know How a Septic Tank Works or What a Drain Field Does then you can be better prepared to take proper care of one of your home’s most valuable assets.As an Experienced Septic Professional that is Certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a great resource for protecting your investment by Inspecting, Repairing or Upgrading under performing Individual Septic Systems.


How Does a Septic Tank Work?

A septic tank is designed to hold the contents long enough for the materials to settle into three layers. Grease, fats and fibers float to the top and form the Scum Layer. Solid materials sink to the bottom and form the Sludge Layer. Liquids, called Effluent Layer maintain the middle area inside of the tank.

As new gray water and waste materials come into the septic tank through the inlet pipe, an equal amount of liquids should be flowing out through the outlet pipe. A filter screen can help to make sure that only the Effluent Layer is allowed to drain out of the septic tank.

Bacteria in human feces work hard at digesting and decomposing organic materials suspended in the liquids. As solid materials collect in the bottom of the septic tank they begin to build up until they reach a level that is no longer sustainable. The last thing you want is for Sludge to reach all of the way up to the Effluent Exit Valve.


What Does a Septic Drain Field Do?

A typical Septic Drain Field uses a combination of Soil, Gravel and Perforated Pipes to organically treat wastewater that comes from homes and businesses. Effluent from the Septic Tank drains into the Soil Absorption Area where it trickles out of the holes in the PVC Pipes and percolates down through the gravel fill to the Soil beneath. Oxygen in the Soil feeds Microbes that provide Natural Treatment of the wastewater before it works its way into the Groundwater.


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

It is the job of MPCA Certified Septic Professionals like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to provide septic services that Protect Human Health and the Environment. Through services like Septic Compliance Inspections, Upgrades and Repairs, CSI is dedicated to helping to ensure that Individual Septic Systems are performing up to standards set by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to reduce the likelihood of Water Contamination.

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