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Home Sewage Systems MNEvery home needs to have some sort of Sewage Treatment System for the disposal of human waste and dirty water. Residents in cities and towns with a centralized sewer system usually have to pay a monthy fee for this service. Homes in rural communities generally use a Home Sewage Treatment System (aka Septic System). With proper care and maintenance the individual septic system can do a great job of treating and disposing of sewage at a cost less than a City Sewer System. As a Licensed Septic Contractor and Septic System Designer serving the Andover MN area, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) can help you to better understand and maintain your mini sewer treatment system.


5 Basic Parts of Home Septic System

All though there are several different types of septic systems utilized in Minnesota, they pretty much all have a similar make-up. Below are the 5 Basic Parts of an Individual Residential Septic System. No matter which kind of septic system that you have on your land, the system should be designed by a MN Licensed Septic Designer.

  1. Plumbing inside the home
  2. Sewer Pipe going from the house to the septic tank
  3. Septic Tank buried under ground
  4. Outlet Pipe from the septic tank out to the treatment area
  5. Soil Treatment system


Location of Septic System Component Parts

The depth and location of a Private Well will help determine where the septic system components are installed on your property. For example, a well that is less than 100 feet deep should not be closer than 100 feet away from the Septic Tank and Soil Treatment area. Buildings and large trees shouldn’t be close to the septic system either in order to prevent damage.


Map Location of Sewage Treatment Areas

Make sure that your Septic System Designer makes a Map showing the location of all buried Septic System Components. This will make it much easier to figure out where each part is located once grass or snow is covering the ground.


Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for more information on efficient and affordable Home Sewage Treatment Systems in the north metro. In 2016 we are celebrating 20 years in the sewer business as a Licensed MN Septic Contractor. You can call us for Septic System Designing, Installations, Repairs and Compliance Inspections. Together we can protect Minnesota’s resources at a cost that is usually less than a City Sewer System.

In Andover MN, call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Free Sewage System Consultation at 763-218-4769. We serve the Twin Cities Suburbs and Northern Minnesota!