Rain, Rain Go Away…

Buffalo MN Has Had Enough Today

Recent heavy rains in the Buffalo, MN area has caused grief for many local residents. From detours around flooded streets, water seeping into basements, to overly saturated septic systems. These issues can range from a minor headache to a Costly Health Hazard.

Too Much Rain will saturate the soil around your septic tank and drainfield. When the ground becomes too saturated with rainwater, it prevents wastewater from the septic tank to drain properly. A flooded septic tank does not function properly, causing waste to build up. The bacteria needed to break down solid waste will become overwhelmed and fail to do its job.

Signs Your Septic System May Be Flooded With Rainwater

  • Wastewater backing up into the basement of your Buffalo, MN home.
  • Slow moving drains.
  • Sewage on the surface of drainfield in your Buffalo yard.
  • Toilet overflowing.
  • Funky smells.
  • Backup in shower or sink.
  • Toilet making funny sounds.

 What To Do If Septic Sewage System Becomes Flooded

If you suspect that your septic drainfield has been drenched with rainwater, there are steps you should take to protect this vital part of your Buffalo, MN home. Failure to act can result in a health hazard for your family and Cost You $$$$.

  • Call an Experienced Septic System Professional.
  • Avoid sending unnecessary water down the drains.
  • Only Flush Toilets when needed (If its yellow, leave it mellow?).
  • Put Off doing Laundry or running Dishwasher.
  • Check that the manhole cover is secure.
  • Keep Off drainfield in your yard.
  • Have your Septic Tank and pump/lift station pumped ASAP after flood water has receded.
  • Check Electrical connections for damage before turning it back on.
  • Repair Damage to Vegetation over septic tank and drainfield area.

Think About Septic System Flooding B4 It Happens

The time to prepare for possible flooding of the septic sewage system on your Buffalo, MN property, is Before heavy rains begin. Regular maintenance, along with timely pumping of your septic tank is important to keeping a healthy septic system for many years. A healthy sewage treatment system is much more likely to withstand heavy rains and subsequent flooding.

  • Face Downspouts from Gutters, faced away from septic drainfield.
  • Keep septic tank Pumped and Maintained on a regular basis.
  • Avoid using too many chemicals that can upset the balance of bacteria.
  • Don’t Flush anything down the toilet that is not biodegradable or can clog the pipes in your drainfield this includes, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper towels, cigarettes & condoms.
  • Do Not dispose of medications down the drain.

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Custom Septic Is Here To Help Because We Care

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