Septic Smart Week 2015 pt 1 BasicsCustom Septic Inc (CSI) Celebrates SepticSmart Week Sept 21-25, 2015

With about 1 in 5 Minnesota households using a Septic System for Sewage Treatment, it is crucial that systems function properly. Your family could be at risk of disease if Good Maintenance isn’t kept up on a regular basis. You could also be flushing away Thousands of Dollars spent on Premature Replacement or Sewage System Repairs. With this in mind, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the SepticSmart Week initiative to raise awareness of how important it is to Properly Maintain Septic Systems on each individual property.

Watch for CSI Blogs titled SepticSmart Week Part 2 and Part 3 for information on Failure Signs and Proper Septic System Maintenance.


Basic Understanding of MN Septic Systems

If you live in a Rural Minnesota Community and are not connected to a public sewer system then your home should have a Septic System. It is an underground sewage and wastewater treatment structure that relies on a combination of Nature and Technology to treat solid and liquid waste from your Bathrooms, Kitchen drains and Laundry room.

  1. A drainage pipe from the home carries water and sewer to an underground Septic Tank.
  1. A septic tank is a water-tight, buried container that holds wastewater until it separates into three layers. Solids known as Sludge sinks to the bottom, Liquid known as Effluent remains in the middle and Oil and Grease known as Scum floats to the top.
  1. Liquid Effluent is allowed to exit the tank into the Drainfield. Too much liquid can cause sewage to flood out and onto the surface of your yard or backup into toilets and drains.
  1. Wastewater then percolates into the surrounding soil where harmful Bacteria and Viruses are naturally removed.


How To Locate Your Septic System

First, determine if you have a Septic System on your property. Look for Signs like using well water, not having a water meter and if you don’t receive a sewer bill. You could also check with neighbors to see if they use a septic system.

After determining that your property has a Septic System Installed, you can locate it using one of the following methods:

  • Find drawings made when your home was originally built
  • Look in your yard for a manhole cover, lid or inspection pipe
  • Contact a Licensed MN Septic Inspector like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) to help you figure out the location of your septic system


Licensed Minnesota Septic Inspector

During the EPA’s 2015 SepticSmart Week, property owners are given information to raise awareness of individual sewage treatment systems and why they are important. As a Licensed MN Septic Inspector and Septic Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can help you to understand the Septic System on your Minnesota property and ways to avoid needlessly Flushing Away Thousands of Dollars or causing Illness in your family.

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for professional Septic System Inspections, Installation, Design, and Repair at: 763-218-4769. We are Experts on Minnesota Septic Systems.

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